Friday, May 2, 2008

{ friday finds: dollface design }

I happened upon the lovely and lively artwork of Layla from
Dollface Design during a recent stroll through etsy. I just love the perfectly placed crowns and muted tones in her prints which are derived from her original collages.


Layla has experimented with printing on a variety of antique substrates. This series is printed on old ledger pages from the late 1800s–thus, the roughness around the edges {literally} and the unique number in each upper right hand corner.

The Dollface Design etsy shop is worth a visit...don't be surprised if you find yourself chuckling at Layla's fun sense of humor {the Blessed Mother of Bon Jovi and Yeah Whatever prints come to mind} and be sure to visit Layla's blog where she posts new editions to her collection first.


Art Kitten said...

Beautiful, I love your finds! I love the little birdie with the crown, how fun!

Anastasia said...

i love her prints - ive been eyeing the birdy one for my family room...really nice!

Lani Robertson said...

I just bought one of her prints the other day, and I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful:) The colors are beautiful - a lovely find:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Have to check her out now ;-)

dollface design said...

thank you so much for featuring my collages and shop in your lovely blog, i appreciate it to bits!!! i am so proud and flattered to be included amongst all your fabulous finds, you have a wonderful eye and i've already found so many new favorites perusing your posts...can't wait to visit you often and see what other wonderful treasures you discover, yay!!!

ps. thanks for all the sweet comments everyone, i appreciate each and every one! ♥

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