Wednesday, May 14, 2008

{ peonies from heaven }


We are rewarded with these little lovelies for about two weeks each Spring–bright, pink Peonies from an heirloom bush we inherited when we purchased our home. Lucky might just be my new favorite flower. But then again, I tend to say that when the hydrangeas are in bloom, and the roses, and the, so fickle. Nevertheless, the Peonies, in all their splendor, have truly won me over–and inspired these fanciful finds while I was out and about browsing today.

1. Peony Table Centerpieces: Martha Stewart
2. Boho Ceramics: Rosanna
3. Peony Cards: Things are Better with a Parrott

2. Pink Peonies Stationery: Satsuma Press
3. Tree Peony tote: Pink Lemonade



Anonymous said...

Great piece. Love it!!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Gorgeousness abounds! Beautiful flower, beautiful finds and beautiful blog!

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Tissy and Melissa:

Thank sure know how to make a girl feel good!!! ;)

Cindy said...

i love peonies and ours are just starting to bloom. the tree peony tote is awesome as is the photography by fieryeyed.

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

the last 2 photos are breathtaking! we inherited a few peony bushes when we purchased our home as well. They haven't bloomed yet this year, but look like they are going to burst any day!

Art Kitten said...

Peonies are my all time favorite flower! So fragrant and vibrant!

Mrs.French said...

Oh how I truly love you choices here...the last two are my favorites.

Anastasia said...

beautiful soft shades - the letter press card is gorgeous!! i love the traditional feel of letterpress!

parrott design studio said...

gorgeous post!! thank you so much for including me. Sarah

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