Monday, June 30, 2008

{ summer style }

Sorry for the late-ish post. There were many things on my to-do list today--one of which was to plan a summer getaway. Nothing fancy...just a simple family escape for a few days. Lucky for us, we have some amazing choices just a couple of hours from our doorstep.
Tote~lly hot
I'm thinking one of these travel totes would make my mini escape from reality all the lovelier. Wouldn't you agree?

Sources (clockwise from upper left corner):
linen tote bag:
big betty tote:
linen tote bag: studiowonjun
big betty tote: piecesofkandee

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, June 27, 2008

{ summer escape }

I am getting ready to dash off to an impromptu weekend away to visit family and friends, but first wanted to tell you all how much fun I've had with you here this week. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave your thoughtful and generous comments...I've discovered some wonderful new blogs as a result.

I'll leave you with images of this charming, family-friendly summer home in Denmark which looks to be bordered by both the sea and the forest--what a dream escape! 


A cup of coffee and stack of magazines--I can imagine myself here indefinitely





I'm so inspired by the mixed use of colorful, thrifted finds--
both practical and stylish for a worry-free retreat


imagine strolling along this path and ending up here...


Have a wonderful weekend...I look forward to meeting you all back here Monday!

{all images via taverne agency }

Thursday, June 26, 2008

{ map it out...}


image via Pottery Barn

I have a small collection of maps and vintage-inspired map prints that have been sitting around collecting dust–waiting for me to frame them. These images have inspired me, instead, to just go for it--display and enjoy them now...worry about frames later {if ever}.

image via living etc.

What is it about maps that I find so irresistible? Perhaps it's recalling the special places we've traveled or that they provide the possibility and inspiration for future travels. Then again, it might be the dreamy blues and greens and typographical elements to which I'm drawn.

Benita uses a wall sized map as inspiration in her son's room-- incorporating the map colors throughout--isn't it fabulous?


image via nibs blog

I had one of those, "why didn't I think of that?" moments when I spotted this image. Old school maps as window shades-brilliant!

maps-dining room
image via nibs blog

 Early Colonies Pulldown Map
image via threepotatofour

Inspired? Try the sources below to create a similar look in your home:

Old School Maps: three potato four { love this shop} 
Vintage-inspired map prints: Cavallini & Co.
{reasonably priced at $4.50 for a 22 x 28" printed sheet}

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

{ f2Images & special reader offer }


I recently took a stroll through the latest Poppytalk Handmade Marketplace and was immediately captivated by the gorgeous fine art photography of f2images. Emiko and Mark, the inspiring husband and wife duo behind f2images, have a knack for capturing the beauty of their surroundings and simple, everyday objects to create their engaging photography. 

5x10 Goldfinch

I find the daydream-like colors and applied textures soothing...peaceful -- evoking memories of cherished, carefree days. 

4x6 Fleur

5x5 Believe

Soon after adding f2Images to my etsy favorites, I received a lovely e-mail from Emiko, inviting S.HOPtalk readers to enjoy an f2Images shop special through the end of June

Details: S.HOPtalk readers will receive a free 4x6 or 5x5 print of their choice with any purchase. Simply "convo" your free print choice and put "SHOPjune" in the "message to the seller" as the promo code during your purchase.   Thanks so much Emiko!
Oh and of course, there's much more to discover on their new blog and on flickr.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

{ sew inspiring }

This sweet skirt and tutorial took me right back to my 7th grade home economics class--even the fabric is similar to the one I made. If I could, I'd create one of these little lovelies for every day of the week.

Cute top + simple wrap skirt = the perfect summer uniform.

Alas, I've since lost what minimal sewing knowledge I had back then. One of my summer goals, however, is to get off my bum and try my hand at some simple projects using this. In preparation, I've been stalking a handful of sewing blogs and have been drooling over the inspiration found on this week's featured blog--Spool--including this amazing bird mobile

Bird Mobile

So many possibilities...a baby nursery, a playroom, or your craft room (what a great way to repurpose and show off cute, leftover fabric scraps).

Three Little Birds

The birds can be handsewn using this free pattern. Create a batch for baby shower favors or stuff them with a dense filler to make some adorable book-ends. And if you're really feeling ambitious, grab a few branches and some eye-hooks and create your very own custom mobile.

Do any of you readers have a favorite sewing blog/site...I'd love for you to share it with us.

Monday, June 23, 2008

{ monday making me smile: the bird series by artist geninne }


I am totally and completely enamored with this limited edition series of bird prints found in artist, Geninne Zlatkis' etsy
shop. The series of originals--which combines collage, watercolors, acrylics and illustration--was created by Geninne to hang in her new dining room. Isn't it fabulous...  


I encourage you all to flock to Geninne's blog and flickr stream where there's so much more to discover about this creative talent. {Be prepared to be inspired}

discovered via The Constant Gatherer

Friday, June 20, 2008

{ girls day }

Girls Day Out

A certain little someone invited me to join her on a road trip (the two-wheeled kind) and a picnic in the park this afternoon. I can't think of a lovelier way to spend the afternoon. After I wrap up some work projects, I will be sneaking out a bit early to join her for a girls day out.

Before I sign off for the weekend I thought I would share some pictures of little one's room with you all. Now that she's out of school for the summer and spending more time at home, we've been working on clearing out the clutter and organizing her room to make clean-up quicker and easier. Despite being somewhat of a tomboy, little one is fine {for now} with all of the girliness I've indulged in here. I hope you like what you see.

This antique iron bed was mine...I just love it in little one's room.

This little cabinet contains many cherished you can see a photo of my grandparents when they were dating, my framed birth announcement, and my daughter's silver baby cup. On the bottom shelf is her first pair of Ked's.

Vintage tea cups and plates adorn this painted armoire which houses all of her books. The bottom drawer (which you can't see here) is used for shoes.

a corner for reading

My creation
little details

I repainted my mom's childhood desk white and it is now my daughter's favorite place to write. We're planning to add another coat of paint to it. The vintage typewriter was a gift from Oma and Opa--a great EBAY find. 

Decorative plates from Anthropologie hang above her bed.

A wooden, painted crown, personalized with the first initial in her nickname, hangs above her desk.

The shoes must coordinate with the room, no?

To see more photos from her room, you can go to the flickr set I created. 

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave your thoughtful comments this week. Wishing you all a restful and rejuvenating weekend.

{All photos taken by me}

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

{ thursday things worth a look: pixie blossoms }

I have to was love at first sight with etsy shop, Pixie Blossoms. You know the feeling--nervous butterflies, sweaty palms, heart all a pitter patter. 

But it was the little things--crocheted embellishments, stitched flower details, and polka dot linings--that made me realize this was a true, forever kind of love

You will be gushing too after you browse all of the fabulous Pixie Blossoms' totes here. Zee, the creative soul behind Pixie Blossoms, has a fun and inspiring blog--stop by for a visit. Her gorgeous photography and more of her handmade originals {including the lovelies she keeps for herself} are showcased in her amazing flickr stream.

{discovered via Monica's always inspiring blog}

{i}spy: felix doolittle paper goods

I can't tell you how many times I've found myself fumbling through my hand bag for a pen and scrap of paper to scribble down our contact info. when trying to arrange playdates, carpool details, etc. with another mom. So imagine my delight when i spied these adorable mini works of art from Felix Fu which have been transformed into a nostalgic line of paper goods for the little ones.

calling cards
Personalize these play date cards with handy contact information such as your child's name, your cell number, and family email. I adore the rounded corners for an added touch of style.

Just as fetching are these charming book plates--perfect for my daughter who's often exchanging books back and forth with her pals. Available personalized with your child's name or as a fill-in (this option allows you to use them for more than one child.)

I love these types of finds not only for myself, but also when gathering fun gift ideas for a new mommy. Oh...did I mention that felix doolittle also has an amazing line of illustrated stationery, invitations, cards, and labels for the adult set as well? Check out the full line here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

{ finders keepers: the matchbox project }


I've always had a thing for matchboxes and have quite a collection of them saved from our travels and our occasional nights out on the town–tiny boxes of cherished memories saved for future recollection. Imagine though, if you found a matchbox and discovered that, instead of matches, a special surprise was awaiting you. 


Flower seeds, a tiny sewing kit, water balloons, a rainy day song list, and birthday candles...these are just some of the many gems that have been gifted to unsuspecting bus riders, cafe patrons, university students, even a photocopier user since The Matchbook Project was launched just over a year ago in Sydney Australia. Each week, a creatively embellished matchbox with a tiny present hidden inside is "left by a girl" (or one of her creative recruits) somewhere in her travels throughout Sydney--ready and waiting to be discovered by a lucky stranger. 

There are three simple rules to the project:
1. Don't get caught leaving a matchbox. 
2. Don't leave two in the same place.
3. No spying on it. (I would have such a hard time resisting the urge to do this). 


The creative talent behind the project explains, this project is about "randomness, silly things in unexpected places, curiosity, chance and ultimately, an attempt to make (someone) smile."  


I, for one, would be grinning ear to ear if I were to happen upon one of these little treasures. You can follow the chronicles of these random acts of {creative} kindness, by visiting The Matchbook Project blog. I found it to be quite inspiring--imagine the fun you could have creating one of your own to anonymously surprise a special someone.

Have any of my Australian readers found one of these little surprises or do you know of someone who has? I'd love to hear about it.

via the bandelle blog

Monday, June 16, 2008

{ monday making me smile: fine art photography by emmalynne }


I couldn't resist sharing these fine art photo prints found in etsy shop Emmalynne. They so eloquently capture the perfection of this fine {almost} summer day we're having around these parts.



You can also follow Emmalynne's flickr stream 
here. Don't miss her thread series which is equally as stunning.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you, too, are enjoying the splendors of the season.

{all images found via etsy shop emmalynne}

Friday, June 13, 2008

{ back at the ranch: house beautiful home tour }


We celebrated my little one's last day of 1st grade yesterday...a bittersweet time for this mom as these years seem to be going by much too quickly. That said, I'm thrilled she's out of school for the summer and look forward to some fun in the sun together.
I decided to play hookie myself so we could spend today together. I did, however, want to share the simple charm of this ranch cottage featured in the new July issue of House Beautiful. Aptly described as a sleep away camp for grown-ups, the ranch sits smack dab in the middle of the Napa Valley wine country and features the original 1940 rancher's cottage--which has been completely refurbished--as well as some surprise gems which are pictured below. 

I love the cozy feel of the black and white ticking and splashes of red throughout the home

rustic sophistication


The owners added a screened in porch to the front of the house, 
significantly extending the living space.

Remind me not to pass up those rusty gliders I always see at the antique markets-so charming here

A new barn was built by the current owners and 
is now used for inspired entertaining

Two tent cabins on the property sit atop an oak knoll and overlook the valley beneath. Don't you just want to crawl inside this lovely feather bed?

I know I'm always going on and on about my dream of someday owning a cottage by the beach. But, I'm thinking a cottage in the middle of the gorgeous Napa Valley wine country wouldn't be bad either. 

Thank you for stopping by and saying hi this week. Words can not express how much I've enjoyed all of your comments and following your links to new (to me) blogs. Have a wonderful weekend!!! I will catch up with you all on Monday.

{All images taken by me via the current issue of House Beautiful. Original photography by Victoria Pearson}

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