Friday, May 9, 2008

{ weekend getaway guide: vintage vacations }


I have something a little different for this week's Weekend Getaway Guide. This time we are hopping over the pond to the Isle of Wight–an English Island, popular as a holiday resort for English urbanites. It is known for its natural, coastal beauty and world famous sailing. It is also here that Helen Carey, a stylist previously living in London, launched Vintage Vacations  after spotting a vintage 1965 Airstream on EBAY in 2001. Helen contacted the seller in Missouri, USA, expressing her interest in the silver vessel. A few weeks later, the Airstream was shipped over to the Isle of Wight and Vintage Vacations was born. 


Since that time, Helen and her husband's fleet of Airstreams has grown to ten-each one being meticulously restored to its original grandeur using Helen's knack for style, design, and fabulous vintage finds.  




Vintage Vacation's location on a working dairy farm on the Island makes it the perfect spot for those seeking a simplified style of vacationing {complete with Tiddly Winks board games and all}. Most of the trailers sleep at least four. It is also popular with stylists as a unique venue for photo shoots. Free People apparel recently shot their 'grunge princess' catalog on location, you can see the video here.


That's not all...Vintage Vacations has even taken care of your vaca wardrobe with their own collection of handmade clothing and jewelry–created in collaboration with etsy designers using vintage patterns and fabrics. Check out their etsy shop here. And of course, there is the blog.

Kudos to this couple for thinking outside of the box and taking Reclaim | Repurpose | Refresh to the extreme!!!

I hope you have enjoyed our journey to the Isle of Wight today. I, for one, just might have to add this little adventure to my 100 Places to See list.

Happy, Happy Friday!

Update: if I may recommend one additional site seeing stop for you this weekend...sweet, sweet Melissa {S.HOPtalk reader extraordinaire} has a fabulous new gig. Check out her lovely post on the always inspiring,  Creature Comforts.

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Lani Robertson said...

how fun! i would love to have my own vintage airstream trailer someday!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, you are too much you adorable, sweet Suzanne! Thank you for the kind mention and you have made my day....AGAIN! :) Also, what a fun "weekend getaway" find, I love this feature. These trailers are awesome and I am going to check out their shop right now! Happy Mother's day to you, you are a fabulous mom!

Liz Demos said...

I am especially happy to read this post because a good friend of mine is renovating a vintage airstream to flip. Interesting concept with all the house flipping over the past few years. It looks super cute so far. My husband has helped with some of the more mechanical requirements. His efforts have earned us the chance to use it before they put in on the market. I can only dream our outing will be as fancy as the one pictured here.
Savannah, GA

terry said...

So FUN!! Wow, now I'm dreaming about going there on my next vacation...and of course, dressing the part too!

Mrs.French said...

Oh how this makes me want a vintage Airstream even more...or at the very least, visit this magical destination.

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