Wednesday, May 21, 2008

{ wednesday wish list: anything from SusyJack* }

My creation

Over the last couple of months I have followed the progress of Susan Connor's contemporary line of  paper goods,
SusyJack*, through her awe inspiring blog, heysusy*. It is so thrilling to see it all come together with the debut of her new Spring collection at the National Stationery Show, which is wrapping up today in New York. I just love the clean, fresh look of her well edited designs. 

My creation
My creation

After seeing these photos of the SusyJack* show booth, I wanted to completely gut my home office and adorn it from head to toe with her goods. The cheerful aesthetic and pop of color against the white is irresistible. { Sorry little office, but I think you're in for a major Spring cleaning }. 


I know some of you readers out there already follow this talented artist and designer through her heysusy* blog { this week's featured blog }. I encourage the rest of my readers to do the same. Susy is generous with both her design knowledge and business advice–offering everything from gorgeous inspiration {with plenty of eye candy} to tips on starting, enhancing, or promoting your own small business. I love that Susy often shares her own personal experiences as an entrepreneur–truly priceless information if you've ever thought of doing something on your own. 

To browse more of the SusyJack* line, visit the etsy shop or Susy's new online boutique. Oh...and to learn even more about Susy, read this great interview found via Etsy's Storque feature.

{ All images via SusyJack and heysusy }


Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Brings back such memories of gift shows:(

Hope you're having a great day.


Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Tissy...I haven't stopped thinking of you all day since seeing photos from the stationery show. Bittersweet memories for sure! xo~Suz

Mrs.French said...

so, so perfect. The sweet clothespins are swoon-worthy.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Yippee! Susyjack! I love that you featured her today Suzanne! I wish you could have visited her booth in person, you would have loved it. In person, her designs are even more perfect! She has worked so hard and it shows. Beautiful fresh designs and her lovely, sweet self= sweetness all around.

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for the mention. I'm really glad I participated in the was a wonderful experience.

I'm also very happy you like the items! And, I am so honored to read such a thoughtful post. I'm grinning ear to ear...all day!


Jen of MadeByGirl said...

Susy DOES has really cute stuff...!

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

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