Sunday, April 27, 2008

{ monday morning blues: featuring letterpress goods by letteria }

I'm completely enamored with Letteria's expanding line of letterpress goodies, which I've previously featured here. I couldn't resist sharing some of their new Spring items with you–including a kids' line and some new florals and natural patterns–that were featured at the Blue Wonder exhibit near Letteria's home base in Switzerland. I thought you might find the simple, yet exquisite use of color inspiring when planning your own Springtime events and celebrations. 

I love these coasters and the favor boxes adorned with Letteria's tags and ribbons.

My creation

new for the kiddies

 Christa's blooms are simple yet stunning–an easy idea to borrow.

Invitations, coasters, favor boxes and decorative garlands...Letteria has you covered for your next celebration. To browse their full line of paper goods, visit the Letteria etsy shop. Christa is very responsive and encourages custom orders {including special color requests}. If you see an item you like, but prefer it in another color, just contact her via etsy. You can also visit Christa's new blog–unfortunately, I can't read of word of it, but the photos are lovely to look at nonetheless.

Happy Monday thrilled to have you back here!


/// said...

WOWZA!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love her stuff! The animal cards are to die for!


Ps. I stole your "~"-thingy :)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

so pretty....I love the new ones for the kiddies and the presentation is so lovely as well!
ps I am back baby! there is no keeping me
from my S.HOPtalk fix now! :)

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

So thrilled you're back. Did you have fun in Florida?Hope you were able to soak up some sunshine.

Spread the "~" love... ; )

Thank you for stopping by friends!!!

Art Kitten said...

Oh yes, these are sooo beautiful!!!

Thank you for the introduction to this fabulous artist!

Anastasia said...

lovely colour palette!! I get so excited seeing papergoods - you've always got some great links!

Anonymous said...

Soo cute! love it!

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