Tuesday, April 22, 2008

{ tempting me tuesday: eco friendly finds }

Happy Earth Day!

15 PERCENT OFF FOR EARTH DAY   ALL ITEMS   Environmentally Friendly Eye Chart Tote Bag
environmentally friendly market bag by Melissa Vest Designs 
(Earth Day discount: 15% off)

Admittedly, I have never been what you would call an environmentalist. I've recently been trying to change that by really making an effort to become more aware of my own personal impact on the environment while also taking steps to adopt a more green, eco-friendly lifestyle. Living a greener existence can feel overwhelming...where to start, what to do. That's why I love Real Simple's Green Living 101 guide– it's an excellent resource for getting started quickly and easily. Check out some of their simple tips here and here.

Petite cup & saucer
a treasured antique tea cup...
an engagement gift handed down to my mom and then to me

And more good news...going green can be as simple as finding new uses for old things. Yes, our love and use of vintage finds is good for the planet. Who knew? So instead of buying new, new, new...try going vintage next time. { See, that wasn't hard }. 

In honor of Earth Day, I will be sharing another reclaim | repurpose | refresh feature with you all this week. For now I leave you with some of my favorite, eco-friendly finds...

reversible, doppio grande market bag–made of recycled, refreshed
coffee bean bags by diengiedesigns

lydie vintage necklace and earring set by portobello

aurelie vintage necklace by portobello

think, write and grow plantable journal by Botanical Paperworks

reversible, doppio grande market bag–made from recyled, refreshed
burlap coffee bean bags by diengiedesigns

letterpress mini prints, printed on 100% recycled paper by YeeHaw

DO TELL: Do you make a great eco-friendly product or have a great green living tip you can share with us? Leave a note in the comments...we'd love to hear about it.


Mrs.French said...

Love all your sweet finds, but the vintage jewelry is simply stunning.

Anonymous said...

Lovely finds! Thanks for including our doppio grande in your favorite eco-friendly list.


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