Monday, April 14, 2008

{ monday morning blues... }

I'm feeling a little blue today { and lovin it! }. Here are some discoveries that might put you in a blue mood as well...



Blue can act almost as a neutral–and because of its many shades, can be paired with almost any color.




color pallette and fabric swatches, courtesy of domino magazine

Go bold or subtle...from cobalts and navy to serene aquas and pale blue gray

Blue Palette
from house beautiful's 'designers share their favorite shades of blue' feature





I've always incorporated some blue into my decor and continue to feel inspired by the crispness of blue and white paired together


as well as subtle pops of blue with neutrals...

house beautiful


How about you...are you
feeling blue? If so, what is your favorite shade?

For other posts on color, click here.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, I am ALWAYS feeling blue! The color, of course! I love lighter blues and robins egg blues....I guess I use it as a neutral and didn't even realize! I love this post. Can we see some more of YOUR interiors Suzanne? No pressure....

Marilyn said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love to direct my readers to beautiful and inspiring blogs. Yours fits that bill, especially with posts like todays.

Love the blues so much. I am really drawn to the picture with the red polka dots and the picture that is all neutrals with just the blue pillow accents.

Thanks for continuing to inspire.

Unknown said...

Thanks ladies...perhaps "Blue Monday" will have to be a regular feature. :)

Melissa: My own home pales in comparison to these lovelies, but I do plan on sharing some 'corners of my home" as soon as I get around to taking some pics.

I'm planning a makeover on my home office {it's actually been on my to do list for months} and will definitely show some before, during and afters once I embark on that project. Thanks for your interest!

Ciao for now...

Tissy said...

Oh, I LOVE Blue Monday! Great posting.

More, please.

XXOO Tissy

Anonymous said...

I'm having a Blue Monday in the sad sense of the word but your post really perked me up--so beautiful! Turned my blue into something else entirely--thank you!

Julia said...

I hardly even know where to start! There are so many GREAT finds in this bunch of images! I want to collect them all as inspiration for my own home and artist space!

God bless your Monday Blues!

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