Thursday, April 3, 2008

{ thursday: things worth a look }

Pottery Barn has really taken their look in a whole new direction this season and I'm loving their focus on inspired color and pattern. 


One of my favorite looks...mostly whites and neutrals with pops of color


Some new twists on beach house style...


And inspired outdoor living


Personally, I would opt for mixing the colors of the chairs–check out the fun choices in the upper right image { note: they also make a miniature version for the kiddies}. For anyone out there with some rattan furniture that could use a fresh look, this makes for a fabulous DIY project.


Unknown said...

Me too, me too! I am loving their colors and patterns....if only I had a couple of thou' lying around!

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Yes there is the $$$ least it provides inspiration until the lottery winnings start rolling in. :) Oh and the kids catalog arrived cute as well. I get great party ideas from it.

Have a good evening.

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