Tuesday, April 1, 2008

{ design for mankind: inspiration and then some! }

cover image from Jen Tortiz Gotch via Design For Mankind

The dazzling and witty Ms. Erin over at
Design for Mankind is at it again. First, she teamed up with Holly from Decor8 and Marisa from Creative Thursday (as previously see here) to launch an amazing collaboration, Roadmaps: A Guide to Creative Pursuits. It's a must read if you've ever thought of ditching your day job to follow your dreams and pursue your true passions. Breaking Free, the first post in this running series, has already provided me with much food for thought and I look forward to watching the series unfold.

As if that wasn't enough, the third issue of Design For Mankind's Inspiration E-Zine, Nooks and Crannies: Inspiration in the Home, was launched yesterday. I have to say, it seems to get better and better with each new issue { and yes, the online version is still free-wow! }. This month, we are treated to sneak peeks of inspiring corners within the homes of designers, artists and bloggers alike--a true feast for the eyes! Some of my favorites include:

Monica from M & Co

Archana Srinivas from rangdecor

So when you all have a moment {actually, you will need at least a few moments } grab your favorite beverage and pay Design For Mankind a visit–for more inspiring and thought provoking discussions, be sure to peruse the comments area of the Roadmaps: Breaking Free post. 

Congratulations Erin!

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/// said...

Oh my goodness; how sweet of you to say such nice things! I'm so glad you're enjoying both series; they are a PLEASURE to create!!! :)

Loving your blog lately; keep it up, dear!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! What an incredibly nice thing for DFM to do...I cannot wait to read mine!

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