Thursday, April 3, 2008

{ blog of the week: elsita }


I'm so excited to spotlight S.HOPtalk's featured blog of the week, Elsita, created by talented etsy seller and artist extraordinaire, Elsita { aka, Elsa Mora }. I originally found out about Elsita when Ez over at Creature Comforts mentioned the
blank book project that Elsita was sharing on her blog. I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that it was a couple of weeks before I realized that she also had an etsy shop, featuring some of her mesmerizing works of art.


I find the intricate, delicate details of her paper sculptures so captivating.


And there's always something new to discover and ponder in her lovely illustrations. 


This "Hug" illustration captures a scene oh so familiar to me as I am reminded of my seven year old daughter's love affair with her stuffed animals.


What I especially enjoy about Elsita's blog are the details she shares about the thought, inspiration and process that go into each of her lovely creations. She truly opens herself up to her readers with glimpses into her life { even treating us to a bit of the glamour of her life in LA }.  

I don't want to give all the surprises away...take a moment to discover for yourself all that the lovely and truly inspiring blog, Elsita, has to offer.


Unknown said...

I love her work and am amazed by her intricate paper creations...I look forward to checking out her blog!

Anonymous said...

Love Elsita, and her work is soooo gorgeous! The paper creations are just amazing!

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