Friday, April 25, 2008

{ a mixed bag of friday fun... }

I snuck out this morning to join my daughter and her 1st grade class on their field trip to see a live performance of Winnie the Pooh at this amazing theater. There's nothing cuter than six and seven year olds holding each others' little hands and bursting with excitement in anticipation of escaping from their classroom routine for a couple of hours. School bus jingles, grade school chatter, and lots and lots of giggles made for a memorable, fun-filled morning. 

image by flickr fave millie motts

This is also a long way of saying I'm a little behind on the blog posts I had planned for today. I'm working feverishly to catch up...but then I keep glancing out at our picture perfect weather and seem to get distracted with thoughts of being in the garden. So...I have a deal for you. How about I leave you with some garden-inspired eye candy for now and catch up with your Weekend Getaway Guide by Saturday

Thanks to all of you for spending a bit of your day here with me and a special shout out to all of the new friends who have stopped by this week. I've enjoyed *meeting* you all and visiting your own little corners of the world.


Art Kitten said...

Oh That is so cute! I bet your daughter was so happy you came along. Last night my husband and I took Maya to see The Magic Flute. She was so excited to see this because she has been learning all about it at school.

Beautiful image choices as well!

Mrs.French said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I can't wait until I can join B on his field trips....

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Deal! I hope you are enjoying your garden and thank you for the inspiration! I am going to try planting a little succulent garden in my birdbath,just that one!

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