Friday, April 4, 2008

{ fun friday finds: retro goodies from the dumpling dynatsy }

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I'd start things off today with these fun little finds by the  Dumpling Dynasty–perfect for the child in all of us.


I just love the playful, vintage-inspired images of children that adorn these kitschy kits designed by Fiona Hewitt, the amazing British Illustrator who also designed the distinctive packaging that graces the lovely
Miso Pretty cosmetics and bath collections. 



Oh the retro fun of these inspired kits...the gift and favor possibilities are endless. Recently introduced at the January 2008 NY International Gift Fair, these kits are just beginning to hit stores in the States now. Currently, you can find them online here and here.

To learn more about this talented artist, visit Fiona's web site, where you will find some of her distinctive, limited-edition prints available for sale. 

Have a wonderful Friday...I'll be back later this afternoon.


Danielle said...

i'm SO SO freaking out over all of these great items! thanks so much for sharing such a great find with us! do you happen to know what US stores they are in? i might have to pay that UK shipping if i can't wait though... ;-)

have a great weekend!

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...


Aren't they just the cutest??
I did find a site with U.S. pricing (and I think shipping). The navigation on the site is not the greatest, but I did find some of the kits. Here is the link:

Also, you might be able to send an inquiry via:
(the design company behind the Dumpling Dynasty line, started by Fiona and her partner)

Hope this helps. :)

Danielle said...

thanks so much for the info! :-)

Tissy said...

These are sooooo "Right Up My Alley. Have a delightful weekend!


Anastasia said...

these are adorable!!! love em!

Anonymous said...

Soo cute!!

Anonymous said...

These kits are gorgeous!

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