Wednesday, February 11, 2009

{GUEST BLOGGER: karey m.}

hi, everyone! it's me...karey m. remember? i once wrote on a little space called mackin ink? i live in jordan? i'm an editor at kirtsy? ummm. we were imaginary friends? and we'd visit each other all the time?

oh, this is awkward. please tell me you remember. just nod your head and say yes.

there. i feel better. because i've missed you. terribly. and i think suzanne knew this, which is probably maybe exactly the reason why she's invited me to spend the day here. with of my very favorite imaginary friends...and with you.

my lucky day.

it's been way over a month since i finished writing mackin ink, and i feel like there are so many stories i've forgotten to tell you. but no matter how hard i try to remember them all or how much i scrunch up my eyebrows or wrinkle my nose in faux concentration or how long i gaze out my window at the maid across the street teetering on a fifth floor ledge washing windows while chatting on her mobile...i can only remember this afternoon.

when i picked up esmé from school, and she gleefully announced to her entire class that her mommy had bigfatboobies.

sadly, her spatial reasoning is crap. even more devastating? the other three-year olds were not. impressed. at. all.


but this post is not about bigfatboobies. it's about valentine's day. which uncle sugar and i really only began celebrating when our girlies three came to be. prior to this, i was a sweetest day kind of a girl.

you see, i am passive-aggressive. and when i am told to love on a certain day? i tend to seethe. and loathe. no worries, though. for the rest of the days, i'm all about love. and, maybe more importantly, like.

because love, for me, is easy. once you've fallen, you've fallen forever and ever and one or two days after that. but like? that's a moment-to-moment fight, don't you think?

so this post...for all of you keeping not about bigfatboobies or valentine's day or sweetest day or my passive-aggressive tendencies.

it's about love. and like. and the sort of gestures that keep both alive.

we can start small, if you wish. simply send your love on a postcard...

or in a proper love letter.

and even if the very thought frightens the heck out of you,

ask. just ask. will you be mine?

because together? together, you're a fairy tale just waiting to be written.

a love story you ever-so-desperately dream ends well.

and it will. just be patient.

be hopeful.

remember to say yes. even when you don't feel like saying yes.

always. even when no one is looking.

love your love more. just more.

and like your love as much as every star in the sky.

oh. one more thing. your love should have a special name for you and only you.

one that's used to make a moment sweeter. turn harsh words into soft. or maybe even make a quarrel disappear. every. single. time.

canary is taken, i'm afraid. so is uncle sugar. but tarty candies are always a delicious option. as are juicy fruits simply begging to be tasted.

and french endearments? oui. a definite oui.

this fourteenth of february, i'm wishing for a day heaping with love and like. a kiss that makes me all sorts of dizzy. lots of laughing and smiling. hopefully, a racing heartbeat, too. for me and for you.

here. i'll go first...i do like you, my imaginary friends. heaps. catch you later. and thanks, suzanne. this was a thrill. i liked being here very much. xoxo. karey m.


knack said...

oh my word..... what a sweet , hilarious post!! I love everything you picked. Thank you !

amy turn sharp said...

i love karey!!!! thanks for having her here! i have missed her so and this post was so yummy!!! xoxoxo

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

We've missed her, no?

Thank you Karey for a perfect which brought laughs, smiles, and a racing heart. It was a thrill to have you here...I hope you'll come back soon for another visit. xo ~Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Posting on Kirtsy for the world to see. :)

Jessie said...

Beautiful. And so so true!

Miss you, Karey M. Thanks to Suzanne for having her back!

Anonymous said...

Hello karey!!!! It's funny how I don't feel imaginary at all. You and you boobies come back to visit us soon:-)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh Karey......Karey, Karey, Karey.....:)
You are just so wonderful, so special, so.....
effervescent! :) I adore your take on love and like, & yes, I agree completely. Hilarious, adorable, loving and perfect. I adore all of these picks, and that ring? Wonderful! I have missed you and Suzanne is a genius for bringing you back to us! Thank you both! :) This made my day(heck, week!)

mimi charmante said...

Even a moment with you is better than no moment at all~ I am happy you speak of love so fluidly - it must mean life is good and you are happy.

This was such a surprise this morning and I. love. surprises. (feel free to surprise me any time you wish!)


Mrs.French said...

why can't I find you everyday...this was a nice dose, but I am afraid it will not hold me over until the next time...thank you sweet suzanne and thank you karey for sharing your perfection with us once again...xo t

jae said...

Suzanne - thank you for bringing us a Karey fix.

Karey - i've missed you more...

Richie Designs said...

of course we missed you. I hope you rotate around the blogging world doing this sort of thing. It will be like "where's waldo" only it will be "where's karey"

I think it's a splendid idea really. don't you?

pink cupcake vintage said...

I am in love with the postcard pillow! Brilliant!

The House That A-M Built said...

Oh, how we miss you Karey. Such a beautiful post. You have made my morning (it's 5am here in Oz). Speaking of sweet my son's request, I spell-checked his Valentines card to a girl he is sweet on, over at 'the girls school'. It brought tears to my eyes...."in this year that I have gotten to know you, I have appreciated your unique qualities. I find you enchanting". His words. From the heart. 11 years old. You're never to young to love. A-M xx

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

Fun items, all!

please sir said...

We miss you too! Lovely post - the love letters in the beginning make me miss you even more!

Julia said...

What a wonderful, delightful post! So much to smile at and ooh and ahh over!

karey m. said...

ok. am? if he used enchanting? he is exactly that. i'm smitten.

he is one of my girlies. tell that other hussy no way.

i love that boy so much. you know this...xoxo. kmm

Joslyn said...

oh i am so happy to hear your voice again. perfect post. but of course it's yours!

nichole said...

Loved this. Perfect end to my very long day. I can go to sleep with a smile now.

Thanks Suzanne and Karey!

Kim said...

karey m - of COURSE we remember you! it's great to hear your words in my head again.

Kristin said...

Oh Karey! How could we forget?! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too... sending lots of "love and like" your way!
xo Kristin @ Contented Me

Relyn Lawson said...

My, oh my. How I have missed that sweet Karey. Thank you for coaxing her back to us, even if only for one perfect post.

Feather said...

Oh, how I've missed you. SO very much, my sweet Karey M. Or, sorry, BFB. BIGFATBOOOOOOOBIES!! I love that little girlie of yours for all of her kookiness and sass. And I love these intermittent snippets of your long lost voice that you share with us. Do come back more often, k? xoxoxoxo

karey m. said...

you are all lovely...and almost make me wish i was back in my imaginary world again...


your sweet words are the perfect valentine to me. thank you all.


Helene said...

It is so good to read you again Karey! Yes, you are missed :)

Joanna Goddard said...

that is so lovely! this was like reading a love story :)

Anonymous said...

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