Wednesday, February 18, 2009

{ all aboard: vintage train cases }

Some of my favorite vacation memories are from an excursion my hubby and I took to Italy 10+ years ago. We had spent the day strolling the streets of Venice--taking in its breathtakingly beautiful history, architecture, and culture. 

Audrey poster

Still intoxicated by the floating city's magical spell, we boarded and spent the night on a sleeper train, which whisked us off to our next destination along the Amalfi Coast {that's a whole separate post!}. Cozied up in our sleeper car, we drifted off recalling our favorite discoveries from the day--mine being the complete absence of cars and the brief glimpse into the simple and utterly charming Venetian lifestyle. It felt as if we'd stepped back in time and it was every bit as enchanting and romantic as I'd imagined it would be. I attribute my near obsession with vintage train cases to these lingering memories. It's as though these cherished experiences--and the promise of future travel adventures--have been preserved within these charming little beauties.



The Amelia Earhart Train Case
via thrush

Retro 1950s IVORY FeatherLite TRAIN CASE

Vintage Million Miler Cornflower Blue Hat Box Train Case

The satin lining, ruffles, and miniature mirrors truly make me weak in the knees...

Vintage Million Miler Cornflower Blue Hat Box Train Case
via sweetlittle

The Audrey Hepburn Train Case (reserved for cloverdew)
via Thrush

vintage traincaseflickrb

You can bet I'll be toting one of these little treasures if I'm ever granted this wish list item. Do you have a favorite travel memory? I'd love to hear about it...


Unknown said...

oh those are so beautiful! too beautiful to take for any domestic or international flights!! My favourite travel memory by far is kind of boring but I love it because it is so simple. It is my boyfriend and I doing cryptic crossword puzzles together in our lovely hotel in Penang, Malaysia after a full delicious meal and no noise except for the ceiling fan going.

Arlynn said...

I'm ready to go... Allll aboard : )

A favorite travel memory is from two summers ago when the Hubs & I went to Amsterdam. We found this perfect, secluded little pub located where three canals meet. For two nights straight we just sat there, enjoyed the beautiful city, the people, the food and of course, the yummy beer!

nichole said...

What a lovely story! I love vintage cases too, which is surprising since I lamented the fact that I had to use a beat up suitcase when I was young and broke!

My favorite travel memory is no doubt my honeymoon to Paris. Bare minimum hotel, not one fancy dinner, but the best week of my life.

Walking, talking, cuddling and memory making.

Kate Moore said...

I have a travelling hat box - with the travelling tag, belonging to my great aunt, still attached. She was travelling to Sydney from Wollongong. Gorgeous. I blogged about it here:

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Oh my goodness...I'm loving all of your travel stories. Thank you for sharing. Keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

There is something not only nostalgic but romantic about a small train case that would fit all the essentials for a quick, short getaway. I had a black watch plaid round one with a loop handle. I think my sis had a red plaid one.
Favorite travel memory...waiting for two very special individuals to pull into the train station in Florence on their way from Rome. The next three days were fabulous!


Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Tissy...the only downside of that memorable day in Venice was bidding farewell to two very special individuals before boarding our train. A fabulous 3 days indeed.
xo ~Suz

P.S. I wish you still had the black watch plaid train case. :)

Kasey said...

I have a bunch of them, as Ive been collecting for years.
My fav is the white one you showed.

please sir said...

These are such a delight!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

wow that a fabulous collection of vintage suitcases!

Jeanne Oliver said...

I love my collection. I love the blue one.

Cindy said...

i love this collection, suzanne!

Mrs.French said...

you have make me love train cases more...and I didn't think it was has always been a dream of mine to visit the Amalfi I just need to choose which train case...xo t

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, how incredibly lovely Suzanne....that sounds like pure heaven. One of my favorite travel memories is sitting outside the Chagall museum in Paris with Joel, sipping something cool to drink and taking in all the lavender. *sigh*

Melissa de la Fuente said...

I meant, Nice...not Paris! (sheepish grin)

paula said...

i really want a hat box to carry around my assortment. said...


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