Wednesday, February 4, 2009

{ treasured keepsakes }

I really REALLY love this new {to me} etsy shop, a view to


The postcard collages are fabulous, aren't they? What a fun way to capture and preserve souvenirs from a trip, mementos from a special day, or bits of color for an inspiration board. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to check out the a view to blog as well -- gorgeous!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

oooh...gorgeous! I love this too! And that tweet little bird :) Beautiful colors....lovely inspiration!

Julia said...

They're so neat and orderly, I can't help but love this artist!

Anonymous said...

As someone who STILL loves to organize her crayons in rainbow order, I can definitely say that these collages are my fave!

blue moss said...

love these.....going there for a visit right now

Mrs.French said...

I hadn't seen this...I love it...xo t

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