Thursday, February 19, 2009

{ chalk it up to another obsession... }

It doesn't really matter what it is...throw a chalkboard into the mix and I'm sold. Nevertheless, this sweet paper goods line is exceptional, even without the fabulous photo styling.  

globe -you mean the world to me-   cards-set of four

typewriter cards -set of 4

polaroid cards -set of 4

{Admit it though...the use of the chalkboard is pure genius}

Casey, the designer behind paper + twine, also has a delightful blog.

found via tea for joy


Lynne said...

That's so funny - I totally agree! I'm working on setting up a small business and am trying to think of how to incorporate a blackboard into the styling...! Thanks for the link.

knack said...

I love these ... and I too am a chalkboard freak! xo

casey said...

thank you so much for the compliments! i did actually think long and hard on my styling. so glad everyone likes it!

Anthonia said...

Amazing! I love chalkboards - especially chalk board paint on unexpected places.

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