Friday, February 13, 2009


Hello sweet lovely friends!
Melissa here from Melissa loves. I am thrilled and honored to be posting here in my friend Suzanne's stead. As I think she is one of the loveliest ladies in blogland. I glean so much inspiration from her and in her honor(and thanks to my friend Ez for the idea) I thought I would do something related to inspiration. I am sure most of you are inspired on a daily basis by any number of things. A photo, a person, a piece of art, a sweet gesture, a phrase or quote or something in nature.....there are any number of ways to be inspired. For me, this time, it was this brooch. Something about it captivated me....maybe the colors?( I do love grey :) or the bird? ( I do love birds) or the way the designer has mixed materials so well together? (I don't know) I am known to love sparkle but, conversely love simplicity as well. Maybe that is it....the sparkle and the simplicity. It inspired me and I hope you enjoy what it conjured for me.....what is inspiring you today? I would love to know!

(beautiful brooch here)

~awesome ring here
~clothes here
~beautiful necklace here
~lilac flats here

Sweet & lovely Suzanne(and her lovely readers)..thank you so much for having me !
It was so fun to be here!


Marichelle said...

fancy meeting you here.
Oh melis i love that brooch for ALL of the reasons you pointed out. And that J.Crew outfit - I think you've just given me my staple Spring look (if it ever decides to come over).

Anonymous said...

Hello Melissa! Came over to say hello and find a beautiful blog I haven't see before, love it when that happens! Beautiful picks here, off to Melissa Loves now.

Vana said...

it's so lovely to see you here at suzanne's blog. Love her, you and this post.

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

Pretty flats and I'm not even a lavender kinda gal. :)

Diane said...

love the ring

Cindy said...

i love the ring and the Lavena flats!

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Oh my...that brooch is beautiful. I love the colors and the rest of the finds it inspired. The magnolijaART shop is incredible. Thank you for the introduction Melissa and for the thoughtfulness that went into your post here on S.HOPtalk. I owe you one my friend. ; )

xo ~Suzanne

karey m. said...

craving dove gray now. not to mention lilac. and a brooch.

even though, as of two minutes ago, i'd never craved dove gray. or lilac. or brooches.

you have this effect on me.


dee said...

What a great collection you've put together. Those lavender ballet slippers are so sweet!

MS said...

I love those ballet flats, especially the color.

Mrs.French said...

I am loving this...I am costantly amazed by the way you and Ez draw inspiration from little things and turn it into a pretty world all your own...I love everything here...xo t

mayaluna said...

Love it all. That brooch is incredible. I'm loving grey, as well... but the cool, fresh grey... not the drab grey... just the way you captured it so perfectly. I'm hoping you do some inspirations including THIS grey... you do it so well!

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