Tuesday, February 24, 2009

{ feeling funky? }

vday: hot chocolate mix.

Why is it that the shortest month of the year always feels like the longest? Perhaps it's because December holidays are a distant memory, the excitement of the first snow has come and gone and now winter has, well..., lost its charm! With a few weeks to go until the start of Spring, I've been looking for ways to fight the February Funk. I stumbled upon this DIY "i love you hot chocolate" idea while visiting oh, hello friend and think it's the perfect remedy for chasing away the winter blahs.

Hot chocolate surprise

Step by step instructions to help you craft your own hot chocolate concoction are detailed here. Think: "cheer up hot chocolate", "thanks for your friendship hot chocolate", "thinking of you hot chocolate"...super easy and a surefire way to brighten someone's day {and yours}!

all images via oh, hello friend


ThePeachTree said...

I'm leaping onto this "craft your own hot chocolate" band wagon! You've also just summed up the feeling I've been having all month without being able to put it into words. Longest shortest month of the year!

Cindy said...

that is so delightful and just what the funk doctor ordered, today. i love the marshmallows. thanks, suzanne!

Julia said...

How sweet :) I love the marshmallows :)

Anonymous said...

I bookmarked this...I absolutely LOVE it! And the photos are so lovely.

Free Art Printables said...

oooo.. I love hot chocolate! hanks for sharing!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

So sweet! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this Hun!

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