Monday, July 14, 2008

{ second sunday finds...}

Welcome back everyone. Did you all have a wonderful weekend? I hope so. We had friends from out of town stay with us for the weekend ~ a busy & fun time. Yesterday was the second Sunday of the month and you know what that means...The Second Sunday Antique Fair! I woke up early and popped over there while everyone else slept in. 

Would you like to see what I found?


I instantly fell in love with this huge enamelware platter-I just adore the colors and unique design. Oh...and how could I resist the little aqua vase for $1?


Shhhh...these are a surprise for my daughter -- two Peter Pan books to add to her collection. They are both original, 1st print editions from 1952. I plan to save each one for a special occasion or reward. It's rare to find one that she doesn't already have, so she's going to go nuts when she sees these.

The books were a bit of a splurge, so my spending stopped there. There were, however, several other treasures that caught my eye. Here are the ones that got away...

A fabulous vintage metal lounger

Vintage, doll-sized patio set

Cool globes

An amazing bakelite picnic set from the 1930s --
complete with a tin bread box.
How utterly charming!

Fun school writing tablets

Have I ever mentioned my obsession with chalkboards? I own several. I look at this photo and am truly amazed that I somehow resisted this one. Hmmmm...I'm thinking this missed opportunity might haunt me ; ).

I'm you have any collectibles or vintage obsessions that you find irresistible? Do tell...


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Great finds! Love the globes, and I'm a total sucker for 1st edition prints of books :)

Mrs.French said...

Oh my! I love everything in this post...Although your platter and the picnic basket are going to stick with me for a bit. I am working on starting collections around the French household but have a hard time remaining focused. I start many, but rarely acquire more than one or two pieces per collection.

Oh and I hate to say really should have added that sweet chalkboard to your collection. *) Great willpower deary!

please sir said...

Oh my oh my - LOVELY FINDS! Looks like you had a great weekend!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh.Oh. These are just too fantastic Suzanne!
I love your purchases and the ones that got away.
That lounger! That tiny patio set, the globes, picnic set....all of it!

Anonymous said...

You didn't tell me about the other "finds and sightings". The enamel dish looks FABO! The PP books are a treasure.


Megan Coyle said...

wow, what wonderful finds! I love vintage collectibles, but I tend to buy more vintage clothes than anything else.

Robin said...

Ooh! Little Golden Books! I had so many of those when I was a kid, I wonder whatever happened to them (although some of them were dogeared to within an inch of their life, they probably wouldn't even qualify as books anymore). Love the double chaise, perfect for lounging with someone special with that picnic set. What a great antique fair.

Anonymous said...

Love your finds! The colors on the plate is beautiful, and I love golden books! Actually I have that Peter Pan book translated to Norwegian in 1950 something. Weird :)

Julia said...

*sighs* what great finds! I remember my grandma having a set of Peter Pan books! I love that your daughter loves them so much!

I have a thing for 1950's table clothes. The bright and more obnoxious the better!

Unknown said...

what great antique finds - i love them all!!

Teal Chic said...

you're in sactown too?! great blog! i've only been once and i got the greatest old fashioned crib. looove, love under the freeway!

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