Friday, July 18, 2008

{ relax, refresh, rejuvenate...repeat! }

Pictured here is the entrance to the Centre of Well Being at our hotel~a peaceful sanctuary where one can relax, refresh, and rejuvenate via luxurious massage therapies and pampering skin and body treatments. Sounds lovely, right? Even decadent to some, I'm sure.  

Is it odd then, that instead, I found my centre of well being at the local Anthropologie store where I indulged in 90 luxurious minutes of uninterrupted browsing bliss? I assure you I was relaxed, refreshed and most definitely rejuvenated upon my departure from this chosen sanctuary. 

It was here that I discovered these limited edition ceramic plates~ created in collaboration with Anthropologie by Nathalie Lete--an amazing artist based in Paris, France. Upon further research, I discovered the wonderful, often child-like world Nathalie has designed through her amazing mix of creative mediums which include, colorful drawings and paintings, charming books and special commissions

Her pieces have just the right touch of vintage chic

*love* these shopping bags available here.

Her rug designs are devine (as featured in her art studio)

Chocolate Paris ~ 18 mini tablets of milk chocolate
with mini souvenir views of Paris a la Nathalie

Nathalie's studio

Nathalie's collection of vintage toys--toys which 
she describes as the heroes of her drawings

Le *sigh*...Discover more via Nathalie's site and here

Wishing you all a weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation--
where ever you may find it.
Until Monday...cheers! 


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh! I am so with you Suzanne! I would have chosen Anthro too! :) This artist is spectacular and I adore her studio! *le sigh* indeed! Off to check out more about her! Thank you for the intro!
have a lovely weekend!

Cindy said...

ooh ... she's great. love chocolate paris. have a lovely weekend!

simply seleta said...

Anthropologie? Chocolate? Paris? You've got my attention in this post!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy weeken sweetie!! Love your colorful finds!!

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