Monday, July 7, 2008

{ the pursuit of happiness }


I am slowly easing back into our normal routine after an extended and truly delightful weekend. We opted for a "staycation" and savored the simple pleasures of sweet summer days spent locally. 

Some of the many lovely things we {re}discovered during our escape:

The magic of friendship

This season's hottest colors

The beauty of the great outdoors...

in our own backyard

Traveling in pairs is twice the fun

The gift of freedom

To stop and smell the roses more often

I hope everyone had an equally delightful weekend. I look forward to catching up on your little corners of the world.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh my goodness! Look at your beautiful home, gorgeous gal(she is just too dear and lovely-love her sweet hat),lovely little tent and camping in your backyard!! I love it, it is lovely and sweet and I wish I lived next door so, I could have brought you some treats and we could have shared a lemonade!
Beautiful roses too and I am so glad you had a great holiday( you are right, we are all so lucky to be free)

Cindy said...

now that is an all-american-style holiday and your daughter is so cute. i LOVE the tippee - you better watch out or you'll find me in there ;)!

Robin said...

Love the bike decorations! How come its so cute for her but if I tied all that stuff to my handlebars people would think I was nuts?

dee said...

Yes yes yes... love a staycation! And the pix of your little girls with the sparklers is just perfect :)

Art Kitten said...

What wonderfully sweet pictures! I love them!

Anastasia said...

your home looks amazing - the decorations fantastic!
i hope you had a wonderful day - your little girl is adorable!

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