Tuesday, July 1, 2008

{an artist with a past... }


In my previous life as a shop owner, we featured a wonderful line of vintage-inspired, hand-crafted paper goods by a local artist, Monica Macias. Her items, the perfect blend of inspired elegance and nostalgic whimsy, were an instant hit with customers-whether to adorn a special gift package or to add a little sparkle to one's holiday.  I still have several of her petite creations sprinkled in special spots throughout my home. 

I was beyond thrilled to re-discover Monica's inspired goodies through the wonderful world of etsy. Her shop, Artful Memories, offers a little something for everyone--including le bébé.



If words like seam binding, baker's twine, and forget-me-knots make your heart skip a beat too, skip on over to Monica's other shop, Caramelos--featuring her dreamy collection of vintage-inspired notions and art supplies. 

Hi Monica...it's so nice to *see* you again--I've missed you so. xo ~suzanne

Monica has graciously offered free shipping to S.HOPtalk readers through the month of July. Simply mention "S.HOPtalk" in the message to seller and she will reimburse any shipping charges. Thanks so much Monica!

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Melissa de la Fuente said...

So very lovely and you are so very sweet Suzanne!
I am on my way over to check out her shops right now, thanks!

/// said...

Awwww, how cute is this post? :)

Checking out her shops, too!!!

Anonymous said...


Suzanne knows I will jump out of my skin when I see this post....and I did. It's such a small world after all. Looks like things are going better than GREAT. I miss you also.


littlebyrd said...

Love these! How fun to rediscover her artwork. Will be visitng her shop today!

Cindy said...

oh, her work is lovely. viva glitter!

Anastasia said...

ohhh lovely goodies - your share the greatest stuff, totally my style...guess we have similar taste hehee

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