Wednesday, March 12, 2008

{ lyn gardener & empire vintage }

Welcome to the fabulous home of Lyn Gardener, the designer and creative talent behind the wildly successful shop, Empire Vintage, based in Melbourne Australia. Originally an old mattress factory, Lyn gutted, renovated and decorated the two story warehouse space to create her home–a light and airy haven, which beautifully showcases her lifelong passion for vintage collections and fresh design aesthetic. 


I admire people like Lyn who have the foresight and vision for such an undertaking...and follow through on it.


I love her knack for making everything old, new again, through her exquisite mix of dreamy whites, subtle pops of colors, and pleasing textures.


Those of us who aren't able to take a personal jaunt into the wonderful world Lyn has created at Empire Village can find plenty of inspiration from her lovely site which features both her store and her private residence.


Lyn Gardener

To see more of Lyn's home, visit the ever inspiring, Australian based blogs: Villa Anna & Boatshedchic for photos and a recent feature of Lyn in Australia's Home Beautiful magazine.

Much thanks to anastasia for providing the original scoop that inspired this post.

{all photos courtesy of Empire Vintage }


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Wow! What a beautiful fresh and light. Thank you for sharing...

Anastasia said...

its gorgeous isnt it? i love her style and I cant wait to visit her store...i need to get down to Melbourne soon!

Tissy said...

Great post. I love the milk glass collection!!


Anonymous said...

simply beautiful!

Julia said...

Oh yummy! This is such a beautiful post! Very inspiring!

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