Monday, March 31, 2008

{ monday making me smile: strange fascination photography }

Happy Monday. How was your weekend?


I hope it was a fun one...full of new adventures. I have a busy Monday, catching up on some projects, but I quickly wanted to share the intriguing and
fascinating photography of a fabulous new etsy shop, Strange Fascination, opened by artist and photographer, Robin Collins. 



Shot using a technique known as Ttv (Through the Viewfinder), these photos are actually taken using two cameras. The image is first framed using an old dual lens camera–in this case a Kodak Duaflex, a Brownie Starflex or an Argoflex Seventy-Five. Robin then shoots her digital camera into the lens of the older camera–which blurs the edges of the photo and gives the photos their vintage, distorted effect. I love that she leaves the black edge around the photo, giving her photos a retro darkroom feel.


Robin has several photo collections available in her shop including a vintage series (some of which are pictured above), a landscape series, and this charming series of her vintage cameras, available as a 4 photo set. 

{ Wouldn't these look fabulous in an office or media room }?


Intrigued by this photo process? The ever-so-handy {and always entertaining }, Photojojo, has a wonderful DIY Ttv tutorial posted here. In the meantime, show some love to this inspiring photographer by visiting her new etsy shop. You can see more of Robin's work on her blog and via her flickr stream.

I hope to be back later today with another post. If not, I'll meet you here tomorrow morning. 
Have a lovely day!

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Art Kitten said...

I love these! I especially love the bike picture. And the gorgeous turquoise color. Simply Beautiful.

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