Wednesday, March 26, 2008

{ succulents: personality plus for your home & garden }


I've never really had any interest in succulent plants. As someone who favors cottage style gardens and colorful, scented blooms, I always considered succulents to be a little too contemporary for my taste. However, the eco friendliness of succulents and the new colors and textures I've seen popping up, inspired me to take a second look.

 images from fiore designs

I've discovered there are many, many varieties of these water friendly wonders and many of them–dare I say–are quite charming. Here you can see succulents working quite nicely alongside african violets and vintage finds.

Terrarium and arrangements by Ink & Peat 
as seen on the always inspiring blog, HouseMartin

Some tiny potted beauties add personality plus to this charming entryway




Pale pinks, silvery blues and faded aquas...who knew succulents came in so many different colors. Feeling inspired? I've found some great resources to help us all get started. 

These little lovelies come from
Greenware Design, a two woman design team that combines the talents of two longtime friends–Irene, {the potter } and Leslie { the planter }. Irene creates the original pottery pieces that are then planted with unique arrangements by Leslie. They are then shipped out directly from their Savannah, Georgia etsy shop–fabulous!

Succulent wreath from viva terra

Five groups of green gray, burgandy and silver succulents make up this distinctive wreath that can last up to a year with light watering every 3-8 weeks.

There are some incredible resources if you're interested in doing a little research on the many varieties of succulents:

Arid Lands Greenhouses in Tucson; 520/883-9404
Squaw Mountain Gardens, Estacada, OR; 503/637-3585

annual window box design by you grow girl

And for you DIYers, Martha has some 'how tos' for creating your own succulents wreath and terrarium


Unknown said...

I am with you! I never paid much attention to them until I started seeing them represented in a whole fresh new light! I am loving them now and have begun a small collection. I can say from experience that the pieces from Greenware designs are so very lovely, and when they have expired you have a gorgeous vessel left to use however you please!
Thanks for finding and sharing these resources!

Anonymous said...

Ahh these are gorgeous!! I've never been one for succulents either, but these images are so inspiering. Especially the one from Fiore ......ohh I think I'll have to get myself some succulents now! :-)

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Thanks Melissa and M& glad you commented and I appreciate the feedback on Greenware. I was so surprised to find such a thing on etsy of all places. Melissa is on it! Is that an image of one on your flickr-so cute.

Unknown said...

Oh, yes! It is, and I am surprised by how long they have lasted...I am going to check out your recommendations. Succulents for everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

love the terrariums!

Anastasia said...

gorgeous! my mum has a whole garden table full of succulents - they are really nice and easy to maintain!
I love the garden warm and cosy!

blah said...

Oh what a beautiful post - I must get me to the nursery for some plants!

Julia said...

Wow, seeing them all together like that, with so many different variations, hmm, I think I need to go make a trip out to my local nursery :) Hurray for succulents!

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