Wednesday, March 5, 2008

{ greetings...}


Source: Bellis's been a busy week–so much to catch up on, including, some long overdue correspondence with friends and family. E-mail is so quick and easy, but don't you love receiving a surprise in the mail every now and then? Paper goods happen to be one of my weaknesses-I can get lost in a stationery store forever. I thought I would share some fresh finds with you...

Source: Paper Source


Source: SarahParrott825 on etsy

There's nothing like receiving a handwritten note in the mail...don't you agree?

There are many things I still want to share with you this week, including some of my fun vintage finds from last weekend. Stay tuned...

*edited with new image due to 'technical issues"


/// said...

OMG so pretty!!!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Lovely, lovely...thanks for sharing! I am looking forward to your flea market finds!

Tissy said...

I am sooo looking forward to any treasures you found this past weekend!


parrott design studio said...

thank you so much for posting my stationery! you have such a pretty blog!!

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