Monday, March 3, 2008

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cheerful bursts of yellow popping up everywhere this spring!!! 

I've always loved yellow and am thrilled to see it so prevalent this year. Yellow can create instant cheer and warmth inside your home. Yellow is also said to have the longest memory retention and, as such, is a good color to paint your home if you're wanting to sell it--it will sell faster! {nice to know in this 'challenging' real estate market}

Intrigued by this hot color trend for 2008? Here is some inspiration to get you started...

Image: House Beautiful, March 2008

If you love the idea of yellow in your home, trying going bold with yellow walls and furnishings

go bold with yellow
Images: (counter clockwise from top left: 
1. & 2. Country Living  3. & 4. Pottery Barn

Commitment issues? Little pops of yellow here and there can also freshen a space...

little pops of yellow
Images: (counter clockwise from top left: 

This also gives you the opportunity to try out yellow gradually.

If you fall in love with it, you can make a longer term commitment down the road with paint and larger scale furnishings.

What do you think about this hot color trend? Are you already a fan of yellow? If not, are you tempted to try it? I'd love to hear from you...


/// said...

I'm right there with you--- yellow is my FAVE! :)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

me too, me too! I am already a huge fan of yellow and seem to see it sneaking in everywhere in my home these chairs, my curtains, my walls, my rug. You get the idea! Thank you for the yellow inspiration, it makes me feel spring really is right around the corner!

Anonymous said...

I used to not like yellow AT ALL but as trends do, they sneak up on you and all of a sudden yellow is a fave :) Same goes for orange on my part...

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Yay...more votes for yellow! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I know what you mean about orange. It took me a reeeeeally long time to even consider orange, but now, I'm really starting to like it.

Gina @ Feather Your Nest said...

I noticed that in my latest Pottery Barn catalog....which was nice to receive on a gray winter day. I went through a huge yellow phase and still am quite fond of it. My living room is a pale yellow, which is relaxing yet cheerful.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, I have a daughter whose favorite color has been yellow since before she turned 2 (when she turned 2, yellow or, "lello" as she called it then, was the theme of her b'day party!) and so it has been trendy in our house for a while now....I love yellow! By the way, my daughter who adores yellow has a very sunny disposition -- go figure!

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