Tuesday, December 23, 2008

{ wrapping things up }

Whew! Most of my holiday to-dos are checked off the list and I'm actually able to enojoy a bit of the holiday magic amidst the holiday rush. Today, I'm off to find a few stocking stuffers and will then put the finishing touches on my gift wrapping. I opted for a super simple look this year--brown paper packaging with red and white accents. I do, however, love theses wraps-- courtesy of some flickr and blogging friends. Perhaps next year...

Wrapping gifts by Chez Larsson.
red and white via Benita

Ez's darling repurposed Charley Harper puzzle piece gift tags

Cindy's feathers

CafeMom Holiday Home Tour by O!Rachew!.
Rachel's pom poms

Heather's fabulous gift card boxes {free how-to here}

How about you? Do you have the holidays all wrapped-up yet?


Arlynn said...

That satin bow & feather is to die for!

I always try to get creative with the wrapping, but always end up just rushing through it, or remembering another gift to buy, or forgetting to include the gift receipt : )

I'm much better with birthdays - I promise.

please sir said...

I WISH I had time for wrappings like these! I put off my wrapping last minute...soo...they are going to be put together really fast!

Helene said...

I heavily relied on Martha Stewart's cookie boxes this year and I am putting all the baked goods together tomorrow night. It's funny, every year for the past 10 years I give his family hat boxes or other filled with baked goods all wrapped and I do that at night, only with a little light and the tree lights on and Christmas music while he tests the "rejects". After that we go light up the street. I would not trade the feeling of being Santa's little elf!!

All the packages idea are gorgeous! Excellent taste!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Cindy said...

your wrapping sounds perfect and simply beautiful. thank you so much for including our experiment with feathers and other repurposed things. all of the gift wrapping you've featured are lovely.

have a wonderful holiday!

xo, c

nichole said...

So pretty!

Evan and I are about to sit down and wrap everything. We are hours away from that satisfying feeling of tying the final bow. :)

Happy, happy holidays!


T.Allen said...

Those *are* pretty! Mine are simply wrapped...much of my creativity has gone into cooking this year. Best to you and yours!

paula said...

finished all my wrapping last night. it always takes longer than expected. hope you have a merry christmas.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Almost done! Love the inspirations...how cute are those?? Merry Christmas!

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