Wednesday, December 10, 2008

{ a sweet celebration: bella turns 8! }

my 12 days of Christmas plates from rosanna, inc.

After much mother & daughter brainstorming, Bella and I decided to build the theme of her birthday party around a holiday sweets concept. We thought it would be fun for the kids to decorate gingerbread houses and to host the party in her clubhouse, which we would transform into a holiday sweet shoppe for the day. Even at 8 years old, my daughter is a list maker...with our action plan outlined, we went to work.


I created the invites at home using an inexpensive stock image illustration and some blank card stock purchased at a local stationery store.


I hunted places like the Dollar Store and Target's Dollar Spot for charming, yet inexpensive, decorations that would tie in with our holiday sweet shoppe theme and help to keep costs to a minimum. I was also able to reuse many items from last year's Winter Wonderland party.

P1010274 by you.

Each of the tables were covered in wrapping paper and adorned with candy mom's idea and handiwork. Aren't they cute? You can find a similar DIY here

candy bouquets
These would also look great if you plan to do a kid's holiday table.


Hanging from the ceiling were glittery snowflakes, real candy canes, and candy ornaments. White twinkle lights and bunches of pink tulle added to the sparkle.

Visions of sugar plums...

I originlly envisioned a candy table using this as inspiration, but really didn't have the space for it in the room. Instead, I freshened up a cubby storage shelf that was in our garage and filled it with a mix of candy and jars--it worked great!



To save some time and effort, I purchased gingerbread house kits and preassembled all of the houses ahead of time, so that the kids could concentrate on decorating them.

Ready for decorating


Thanks to Joanna's fun tip, we created a quick, makeshift photo booth in the backyard. The kids were really too excited {read: hyper} to stand still for many photos. 

Make shift photo booth for the kiddos

However, we did manage to snag each little guest as they completed their gingerbread house and took a photo of them with their masterpiece. Each photo will go on a 5x7 photo cards {12 for $1} that little one will use to write her thank you notes. 

P1010163_1 by you.

At the end of the day, each party guest was invited to fill a goody bag with treats from the holiday sweet shoppe and also received a personalized set of stationery I created using Nichole's adorable designs. She and her hubby created these on the fly for me {thanks again Nichole!}.

party favors

The designs and files are just wonderful and I plan to use them throughout the holiday season. Check her shop for availability.  Each set was wrapped with red tulle and a holiday cookie cutter. 
Custom homes ;)

If I'm being completely honest, it was an exhausting day, but so worth it once I saw how much Bella and her guests enjoyed all the effort. Many, many thanks to my little elf know who you are! What would I have done without you?

I apologize if you've noticed multiple updates with this post...I was having a terrible time with my pics disappearing due to flickr issues. I think all is straightened out now. Thanks for your understanding. :)


Petunia Face said...

That is hands down the cutest birthday idea EVER. How I would have loved to attend that party when I was little. Now even!

mimi charmante said...

i am certain that if i attempted to throw this party for any of my boys, they would think i am crazier than they already do.
the kind thing to do would be for you to invite me to your next girlie soiree!
absolutely fabulous~

Jackie said...

What a magical birthday party! I am sure all the girls had such an amazing time. How lucky for Bella to have such a creative mom!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

This is just unbelievably fantastic! I sure wish I could have been there! Any little girl would be so grateful to
have an amazing party like this! Wow. What an amazing mama you are! :)

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


karey m. said...

loved this so much, i had to kirtsy.

now...grae is pestering me to play chess with i will be back to devour the rest of the posts i've missed {they all look stunning!}...

have missed this space, my little imaginary! xoxo.

please sir said...

Awww so sweet!! Looks amazing!

nichole said...

Oh wow! It looks magical. What a wonderful idea, and a great memory to give your daughter. Warm fuzzies all around - the photos are beautiful!

Jaimee McClellan said...

What fun!
Those Candy Bouquets look yummy!

Oh, and thanks for reminding me...I bought all the supplies to make Gingerbread Houses and today is the perfect rainy day to make them! :)

Joanna Goddard said...

how amazing!!! i love your little photo booth :)

Anonymous said...

How awesome! It really got me thinking of how I could make my son's birthday cool, as he has a birthday a week after Christmas. I probably will have to do away with the pink accents though! lol!

Amy (the b-line) said...

So many terrific ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Julia said...

You are officially one of the best mothers :) This looks like a riot of fun and gooey goodness!


blue moss said...

looks absolutely magical.... :) thanks so much for sharing

Mrs.French said...

like a win the prize for the mom who created hands down the most lovely party any little one could ask for..actually anyone...big people too...xo t

Anastasia said...

what a great idea for a party - lots of fun!! i'm sure your Bella had the most fantastic birthday party - lovely photos...

simply seleta said...

Oh my, this was a delightful birthday party!!! My oldest daughter turned 7 this month and I just may borrow the gingerbread house idea from this post for her 8th next December.

You are SUCH a GREAT mom for having this delightful little party. I'm sure each girl left with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads. Especially the birthday girl!

av女優 said...


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