Monday, December 8, 2008

{ it's beginning to look a lot like... }

Hi everyone...welcome back to a new and exciting week. Thank you all for sending your birthday wishes to Bella. It was a whirlwind of a weekend and I look forward to sharing details of Little One's birthday shindig with you later this week. 

Prepping for Advent 1st by Chez Larsson.
via Benita

With the party behind us, I can now focus on our holiday decorating..yay! Don't you just love pulling out your holiday storage boxes and rediscovering all of your favorite holiday goodies again? I like to keep it simple... white twinkle lights, candles, and touches of silver and gold. I've also sprinkled in subtle blues and greens the last couple of years. 

Check out these inspired takes on holiday decorating...

Benita {aka Chez Larson} always makes white look so good!

holiday decor - part deux by sfgirlbybay
San Francisco holiday glow a la victoria
{You must scroll down in her comments and read her secret to creating the perfect holiday glow-brilliant!

5{24 Days of Christmas} by {manda}.

Silver Bells by {manda}.
flickr friend manda captures the holidays in Australia

Lupin's amazing  snowflake curtain

potted white blooms are another holiday favorite

via Minna

via Benita

via Minna, who's wreath was recently featured in Country Living

French Star Dreamer Garland
Royal Buffet always gets it right!

oh, and I suppose a dab of red can be quite lovely as well...

d. sharp's simple, yet stunning. advent garland. {via design sponge}

Small Red Stripe Oval Letterpress Buckle with Ribbon
and her lovely letterpress gift adornments found here 

Now...time for me to get to work!


please sir said...

Lovely ideas - the snowflake curtain is wonderful!

paula said...

i love that advent calendar.

Unknown said...

i think i will decorate my first tree in nothing but bunches of silver bells tied with cream white ribbons!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Just beautiful....I especially love Lupin's snowflake curtain....that is magical. Thanks for the inspiration hun!

blue moss said...

love the snowflake curtain....and royal buffet...and the letterpress...and...and......

Helene said...

Wow!! I think I am going to sleep well tonight thinking of all those wonderful decorations! Amazing list dear!

SimplyGrove said...

Gorgeous ideas!!!!!!

Julia said...

The advent calendar is terrific! WOW!

Mrs.French said...

I'm i need to get to it!

Anonymous said...

Lovely home decors! They make Christmas look warmer! I especially love the wreath :) said...


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