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{ my place or yours...savannah, georgia with katie runnels }

Today's guest on My Place or Yours is the lovely, creative, and always inspiring Katie Runnels. I adore this lady--she's become one of my favorite artists and bloggers to follow. She designs the most beautiful, handmade wreaths and charming dioramas and...ask anyone who knows her and they'll tell you how nice, kind, generous, and genuine Katie is. 

Hello, hello vintage bird assemblage
one of Katie's darling bell jar creations

Peace on Earth Yarn Wreath
one of the amazing wreaths available in Katie's shop

As one of the original founders and creators of the amazing shopSCAD, Katie has a keen eye for great design and up and coming artists. I always find something new and drool worthy when I pop over to her blog and I really admire her for the support and encouragement she offers to other artists. Today Katie is treating us to a tour of one of her favorite spots--Savannah, Georgia--a place she still calls home, though she no longer lives there. After reading Katie's interview, it's easy to see why one would be forever drawn to this charming little town. 

Are you ready? Let's go...
Please tell us a little about yourself
I'm not originally from there and its been two years since I've moved away, however Savannah, Georgia still feels like home to me. I moved there in 2001 to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design for graduate school and then worked for the college-co-creating shopSCAD after graduation. I was looking for a small art school to attend after having a miserable time living in Boston. I'm originally from Fayetteville, Arkansas, which isn't that small anymore-but I definitely thrive in a smaller and warmer community-which is what I found at SCAD in Savannah. I lived in cozy little apartments all over the historic district while I went to school and was lucky enough to later purchase a sweet little cottage in Ardsley Park.

Three words that best describe Savannah
Quirky, Historic, Artistic

-Favorite discovery
I used to love heading out to Tybee Island Beach on the weekends. The North Beach Grill located next to the black and white lighthouse on Tybee is great for plodding over in your sandy feet for great beach drinks! Be sure to order the chips and/or plantains and salsa which are incredible!

Who is/are your favorite artist(s) (can be local or not) ? And why?
My favorite artists who are actually located in Savannah are
Tiffani Taylor, Sara Neuburger of The Small Object and Marcus Kenney 

stocking stuffer by Sara Neuburger

What is/are your favorite local shop(s)?
shopSCAD, of course!  -original artwork and designs by student, faculty and alumni of the Savannah College of Art and Design!

Picture 96


images by Chia Chong

@home  Vintage and vintage inspired housewares and gifts-fantastic ribbon, paper, and millinery selection.


The Paris Market and Brocante  Always inspiring range of antiques and vintage inspired housewares, furniture, and curiousities from around the world. 

Pic98 by you.
image via The Paris Market and Brocante

Primary Art Supply -supplies SCAD students with everything they could possibly need!

Wild Fibre  -Delightful shop with an always bountiful selection of yarns and supplies for knitting, weaving, crochet and felting.

-Best kept local secret
Sweet Potatoes restaurant on the southside of Savannah. Its a bit of a drive to get out there but their amazing southern style cooking is well worth it!

-An ideal spot to linger over lunch:
I adore
Soho South Cafe on Liberty street. Soho is part art gallery, bookshop and restaurant. Order everything on the menu!


images via caanc75

When visiting Savannah, don't miss:
I just don't understand the cattle-call that lines the street everyday at one very popular southern-style restaurant. I recommend getting your southern food fix at the quaint
Mrs. Wilkes Boardinghouse restaurant on Jones Street. Then continue shopping along Whitaker Street-Madame Chrysanthemum, One Fish, Two Fish, and Circa Lighting, Arcanum and La Paperie. 

image via Circa Lighting design portfolio

Don't miss Back in the Day Bakery for their yummy lunches and incredible homestyle sweet treats! 



I get homesick for Savannah when I think about...
My friends and the food! I always get a cozy and nostalgic feeling when I drive back into the downtown under the canopy of Spanish Moss. I miss the big-city feel of the relatively small and charming historic district.

If you had an opportunity to live anywhere else in the world, where would we find you?
I would love to live in a small village in England, France, or Italy for a few months out of the year. I think I'd enjoy tending to a cottage and farm like that of Beatrix Potter.

Tweeny Little Home
image by Katie

Don't you all want to hop on the next plane, train, or automobile and visit Savannah for yourself? Me too!!! Thank you Katie for offering us a true insider's view of the lovely and charming place you call home. I hope you have the opportunity to return there someday if that's your desire. xo ~Suzanne

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Helene said...

You have no idea how happy I am to see this! I am in Charleston, SC and we go to Savannah Bout once a month for a little break. I love the SCAD store, @Home, Soho Cafe, but above all Back In The Day Bakery operated by my friends Cheryl ang Griff. Both cities are so similar but Savannah's downtown is greener and more pedestrian friendly.
Great post!

Cindy said...

Katie's bell jars are fantastic and all of those shops - i want to go now. thank you both!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

YAY! KATIE! YAY! I adore this lady and can't get enough of her beautiful creations and lovely blog. She IS a doll and now I WISH I could go to Savannah, WITH Katie and visit all of these fantastic places! How beautiful is shopSCAD? Wow! I so wish I could go there! What a beautiful interview Katie and Suzanne! Thank you so much! What a fun and fantastic treat!

blue moss said...

love katie.....
love her beautiful creations...and her etsy shop....
and her blog....
and love savannah...thanks for showing us katie's savannah!

shopSCAD said...

Thank you for this nice post about Katie Runnels. I have admired her work for years and years and call her my dearest friend. Savannah is not the same without her- she is missed dearly! Thank you for your mention of shopSCAD too!

Amy Z.

knack said...

wonderful post!
Love katie and everything about her! I am so thankful for her encouragement in my life and her friendship;) xoxo

Liz Demos said...

Thanks to you for asking Katie to share her favorite spots in Savannah and thanks to dear sweet Katie for including my shop. It is friends and customers like Katie that remind me why I love being a shop owner.

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

Her work is just charming, the shop photos (and all of these photos) are wonderful, and those words used to describe Savannah makes me want to visit there for sure. Great interview!

paula said...

savannah is one of my favorite places to go. hubby and i actually had our honeymoon there. i want to go back now. hopefully soon.

tamara! said...

Yay Katie! Your etsy shop is one of my favorites and I love your latest yarn wreaths. As a Savannah resident (and former shopSCAD shopgirl!) I can say she definitely mentioned all the best the city has to offer. Everybody, come visit! :)

perfect bound said...

I'm going to forward this to my friend who is planning a Savannah wedding. In the meantime, I can still tripping over those backsplash tiles in the first photo! beautiful

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