Monday, December 15, 2008

{ curb your enthusiasm }

Happy Monday everyone. Better late then never-that's what I say! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and am so thrilled you all enjoyed the interview with Katie . It was also nice to *meet* some of her friends--thanks for stopping by.

We spent the weekend decorating our tree-so fun! I just have a few corners of our home left to fill with some sparkle, including our front porch. I'm loving these relatively simple ideas for creating some holiday curb appeal...

via domino

use scrapbooking punches and paper bags to create luminaries {via bhg}


via better homes and gardens


I love the idea of using natural elements and some lighting on our entry bench




How about you...have you finished all of your holiday decorating?


Learning Spanish at 41 said...

The last two are my faves! Love the urn treatment...just what we need in ours!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, I love that domino one so much....I am done! I don't do all that much(or at least it seems that way to me) but, it sure is fun!

jae said...

I love the giant pinecones hanging on the door and again on the bench. No, I'm not done. I just finished saying to someone, I think the days have been changed from 24 hours to 14!

nichole said...

Lovely! My parents have those types of bags, and they look so pretty when lit!

Helene said...

We are so behind on Christmas decorating and it does not help that the puppy wants to chew them all, glitter included. Little Christmas story: on the 24th around midnight, my husband and I go out on our street and light up about 100 tea lights in those punched paper bags and line up the street with them so that people coming back from church can really "feel" the spirit. We started that about 10 years after someone in our neighborhood did it before they moved. I remembered the feeling so vividly that I asked we did the same.
All those decorated houses are just wonderful!

Mrs.French said...

All of them are very festive...however, that first one sticks with do know that now you have to post whatever you decide to do don't you? ;)

Unknown said...

I love the draping effect of the first door's garland. it is as if the door has put on a nice fancy coat!

karey m. said...

mrs. french is correct...after bella's birthday fete, i am a wee bit obsessed with your style.

perhaps you could start a new blog to just show us one or fifty images of your world each day. perhaps? xoxo.

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