Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{ art i heart: lovebird plates by nina in vorm }

Lovebird plate

Love plate made to order

Lovebird plate

So cute for Valentine's Day or to create a fabulous plate wall.
Designed by the oh-so-talented Nina in Vorm


knack said...

hey girl,

.....LOVE this work.......so fantastic!


nichole said...

Such interesting marriage of aesthetics. Love it.

I've been eyeing the duvet with a bird on it from Dwell lately. I usually opt for all white, but something about it is very soothing.

Lulu said...

way too pretty to eat off of! perfect on the wall. most definitely. =]


Julia said...

They would be perfect for Valentine's Day!

Clementine said...

These are so fabulous. I LOVE modern printing on vintage china. It feels so innovative yet so familiar. Thanks so much for sharing these!

Christina said...

if i could make a complete plate wall out of all of the plate in nina in vorm, i definitely would! they're just amazing!

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