Saturday, January 30, 2010

{ inspired by: lisa congdon's, a collection a day project }

I recently stumbled upon A Collection a Day, 2010--
an utterly delightful 365 project, by artist, Lisa Congdon.

Each day, she documents one of her collections, creating a daily masterpiece, if you will, that showcases her talent for capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Real collections, found in her home or studio, are photographed. Those that are "imagined" are either illustrated or painted. Pictured are a few of my favorites. To see more of her swoon-worthy collections, visit the lovely A Collection a Day blog.

I missed you all yesterday...I hope you're enjoying a most wonderful weekend.

1 comment:

Mrs.French said...

i don't think there is anything lovelier than pretty created from the everyday..i can't believe i hadn't seen it just yet...thank you for the intro my friend! xo t

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