Tuesday, June 16, 2009

{ sweet dreams... }



Holland bed and breakfast



I'm quite certain I would be very, very happy if offered the opportunity 
to stay at the oh-so-quaint Bed of Flowers B & B in Holland.


knack said...

OH MY..........these are gorgeous, with my favorite being the couch with different fabrics and the turquoise hutch! {imagine that!}

Magchunk said...

That green wall has me swooning. Would I paint my own house like that? Probably not... but it fits so perfectly here! Love your blog, btw!

xoxo Maggie

please sir said...

Wow - what a sweet house - I'm packing and moving in!

Julia said...

I'm going to tag along with Diana :) I'll bring my pillow and post myself on one of those beds :)

Brown Button Trading said...

wow - a place to die for. I'd never leave, literally!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

hi suzanne ~
oh wow ... what a divine spot to rest one's head and savour breakfast ... i completely echo everyone's comments about never wanting to leave once you are there!
'bed of flowers' ~ *sigh*
thank you so much for showing us little bit of heaven on earth!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh my.....these colors all make me so happy! I love the color combos.....and the bedding....the little birds on the chandy and....and....well, all of it! I would be quite happy there too!

dee said...

Three gorgeous posts in a row, but this one I had to comment on. Maybe because I can't stop staring! So so so pretty:) Thank you for sharing, Suz!

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