Friday, June 26, 2009

{ a few of my favorite }

...summer things

1950's Vintage Parade Designer Couture Pink Floral-Watercolor Garden Pleated Bombshell Party Sun Dress

Vintage Bicycle Locket

Swings, 8X10 Fine Art Print

Honey Bee Locket Necklace

paper flower -- shades of red

1950s vintage bombshell sun dress  {via please sir}
Swings fine art print
Honey Bee locket necklace
Paper flowers-shades of red

What's everyone up to this weekend? We're taking a quick road trip tomorrow and hanging lakeside for the day--can't wait! Wishing you all a sweet weekend of summer frolic.


simplesong said...

so pretty ... happy weekend to you!

shanon said...

What fun! =)

knack said...

oooh...I love the bicycle locket necklace! I went and visited their etsy store and it is so great! Thanks for the link!

Happy weekend....xo

Shannon Fricke said...

I'm completely in love with that dress Suzanne - oh I wish it was summer here too!

able mabel said...

That dress is gorfeous and that swing picture makes me long for the breeze in my hair!!

Kasey said...

and i wanted to know where oh where did that bicycle pendant come from....
and of course it's vintage.
love it.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

How did I miss this post? I hope you had a fantastic weekend hun! Sounds like fun and I love seeing some of your sweet faves!

Cindy said...

the dress is so twirlable!

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