Monday, June 15, 2009

{ cheers to journaling }

Happy Monday friends. Did you all have a lovely weekend? Mine was the perfect combination of fun and catching up on some to-dos around the house. Saturday evening I went to a tapas party and had the most amazing peach Sangria. It's so refreshing on a warm Summer evening--I must recommend it if you're hosting a little soiree of your own this Summer. 

Today it's back to planning some fun, Summer kiddo activities. My daughter took quite a liking to the weekly journaling she did in class this school year so, I thought it might be fun for both of us to keep a journal and chronicle our adventures over the Summer. After seeing Pam Garrison's awe inspiring work, I am completely smitten with the idea.

Journaling calendar page 3

Page 4

Pam's blog led me to Geninne's journals...

You can see more of Geninne's art jouranls here.

Fun, right? I don't expect ours to be nearly as cool but, I love this free flow, coloring outside the lines approach to journaling and I think my little one will too { + it's a really good excuse to look for cool notions that we can incorporate into our books }. How about you...have you ever or do you currentlly keep a journal? 


knack said...

what a great idea, and such great images...xo

Lesley said...

Great seeing you this morning!

Yes, I keep journals. I love capturing my thoughts and dreams on paper. My favorite journal was the one I kept while traveling Europe. I brought colored pencils, a glue stick and scissors with me. When I was on a bus or train I would cut out brochures, ticket stubs, or anything else I'd collected. The pages became a jumbled mix of writing, doodles, and art.

Have fun capturing summer!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I love peach sangria! White wine sangria is my fave.

simplesong said...

really lovely! each page is like little pieces of art!

nichole said...

I kept a journal almost every day from age 9 to 27. I oddly stopped a few days after meeting my husband.

I like to think it was because there wasn't much left to dream about.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

These are beautiful....I wish I kept a journal as beautiful as these. It would be nice to have to look back on.

Julia said...

I'm instantly enthralled and determined to start my own :)

roysie said...

I kept a journal for six years and stopped all of a sudden... but these are so lovely I am inspired to start again!!

Monica said...

I am so inspired by these journals, too. I kept journals for years but didn't include art, though I'm an artist. Seems like the perfect medium to dabble in.
BTW, love your blog:)

Shannon Fricke said...

What an inspiration these are. I can feel some journaling coming on!

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