Wednesday, May 20, 2009

{ droolworthy home & garden }


Over the last couple of days, I've been drooling over the photos from this home tour, which was recently featured in the SCAD tour of homes. It is the Savannah, GA home of Liz Demos from @home vintage general...she has such great style! {remember...Katie featured her shop here}. 

Now, my poor little head is swirling with a barrage of new ideas and fabulous try-it-myself projects. 

It's official: My armoire will be getting a paint makeover.

Sorry dining room table and chairs, but after seeing this, I think you're in for a re-do too.


Is that the cutest backyard you've ever seen? Look at the little greenhouse.

Quick links:
The @home vintage general blog
The soon to be launched online vintage general shop
More photos of Liz's fabulous home

{Originally spotted on one of my faves, Darling Dexter}


Michelle Schraudner said...

I would love to have a backyard just like that. Having my own vegetable garden is quickly moving up my list of priorities.

Cindy said...

i love those drapes. i'll wipe your chin if you wipe mine ;)?

Liz Demos said...

"Droolworthy" is not a word I ever thought someone would use to describe my home. Thank you so much!

Liz Demos

nichole said...

You must paint the armoire! That is gorgeous.

Kasey said...

thanks for making me want to completely re-do my home.
and i must have that little backyard house...

LissyLou said...

oooh very lovely, some great ideas there

lotta said...

Love the neutral color palette, with hints of blue and green. Very inspiring.

GiDu said...

Oh I love it!! I want that backyard so much. It's so beautiful.

Unknown said...

these are dreamy...I love them. I want to crawl into the first one and read a book on that couch.

Stacy said...

I love the bird print!

dee said...

Wow...that file cabinet/coffee table is absolutely genius. And I could live in that backyard. WOW.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Ahhh...I have missed being here. This home is so very beautiful and I love seeing Katie's little wreath on her wall! Off to check out more photos....thank you dear Suzanne!

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