Wednesday, May 27, 2009

{ going places }

I'm so excited! Two of my favorite, favorites, Nichole and Victoria, have recently added their lovely photographs of my two favorite cities to their etsy shops.

Heart Graffiti - Printable Art
heart graffiti via littlebrownpen

First stop, San Francisco a la SFGirl. These new additions to Victoria's shop feature diptychs from her Sunday in the City series, which are currently on exhibit at the Curiosity Shoppe. I've added, Rosy Outlook to my wish list--it will be a lovely reminder of my grandmother, Rose, who was a born and raised SF Girl herself.

Next, we take a quick hop over the pond to bask in Nichole's Paris series...*sigh*. I have been living in Paris vicariously through Nichole's blog over the last several months and am so thrilled she is sharing some of her charming photographic works with us. And, she's made it so easy! Each of the photos in her shop are available as downloadable photo files, which can be printed at home--brilliant, right? 

Chez Julien 2 - Printable ArtMontmartre Windowboxes - Printable Art
I'm particularly fond of the hints of Parisian blue found in these two prints.

Thank you Nichole and Victoria...I adore both of these cities and love seeing them through your discerning eyes.

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nichole said...

Oh wow! Thanks Suzanne! I was on the fence about the delivery system (files or prints) and so far people seem to like the economical version.


wide open spaces said...

I would love to step into those photos and just make myself at home.

Julia said...

Oh goodness! So much to love!

Cindy said...

i love them both!

Waxy said...

They are both fantastic!

knack said...

Mrs.French said...

I love them both so is seems only fitting that their photography would be as lovely as they are...sigh...xo t

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