Monday, May 4, 2009

{spreading the mom love... }

I recently collaborated on this amazing project with the founders of Mom Faves for their Why Moms Matter project and am so, sooooo excited to share it with you today {finally!}.

In celebration of Mother's Day, we asked photographers to capture and share their interpretations of motherhood and the little everyday things moms do that ultimately have a strong presence in our life. The submissions were incredible--from those, we selected a couple dozen to create a brief video to honor and celebrate moms. Look closely and you'll see photos from some of our favorite e-friends. Thank you Nichole, Mrs. French, Cindy, and Helen...I truly appreciate you sharing your amazing photos and intimate thoughts on motherhood for the project.

Moms come in many forms...our own mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, sisters, and friends. Is there a special mom in your life? Do you have a favorite mom memory? Spread the mom love...leave a comment and share your thoughts on Why Moms Matter. I'll be doing the same.

To read more about the Why Moms Matter project, click here.
To download and share the Mother's Day video with the moms in your life, click here.

Thank you Karey, for this. You know you're one of my favorite moms!


Kasey said...

that is fabulous.
thanks for sharing girlie!!!!

Cindy said...

the video is wonderful. thank you so much for including us. it means more than ever this year. xo, c

Juli said...

A very touching and lovely video. Thank you for sharing it with us! :)

karey m. said...

ohhh...i love it when you whisper to me!

xoxo. well done, you.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

very very sweet---

Melissa de la Fuente said...

This is SO wonderful Suzanne! Congratulations hun!
I am so proud of you and this is so beautiful for mother's day!

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