Thursday, April 2, 2009

{ tempting me today... }

Do you find that you gravitate toward simple things when life becomes hectic?


I do. Perhaps that's why I'm loving the classic simplicity of black & white today.

custom silhouette pillow : : le papier designs
set of alphabet tags : : three potato four
hat rack & bathing suit : : anthropologie
custom monogram plate : : la plates
love is the new black print : : the love shop via design is mine
chalk storage jars : : Heal's 
happy birthday letterpress postcard : : simplesong
betsey bracelet : : annie & olive


Cindy said...

these are simply lovely, the pink mongram on gingham is wonderful.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

These are such great picks hun! I love all of the black and white!
(so loving Vana's pillows and "love is the new black")

Unknown said...

yes, yes, yes. I completely agre with this. the crazier life gets, the simpler I want things around me to be. these are so lovely...I especially love Vana's beautiful pillow and that bathing suit.

Vana said...

thanks Suzanne! All the grouping looks lovely!

mimi charmante said...

I find that I am gravitating to simplicity often as of late. I really like the idea of surrounding yourself with what you love and ridding yourself of much of the rest of it~
Fabulous post!

. said...

this is my lucky day!!!
i am SO happy i found your blog~
nice to meet you :)

jae said...

yes. absolutely. been loving those chalk jars for awhile. would love to open my fridge to that instead of the containers that i've stickered.

sarah said...

I just added that Love Is The New Black print to my Etsy favorite yesterday. Planning on doing a framed mural of sorts on my office wall. One print down... several more to go. So cute!

paula said...

so lovely. I especially love that swimsuit.

paperseed said...

That bracelet is so not my style, but I am so enamored with it!

knack said...

awesome the pillow and the tags! xo

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