Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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I'm so excited to share an exciting new addition to our fair city with you all today, The Citizen Hotel, which marks the newest addition to Joie De Vivre's collection of boutique hotels. We try to stay in one of these delightful hotels whenever we plan an overnight stay in San Francisco. Each property captures the essence of its City with its own distinct personality, impeccable design elements, and {hip} vibe. So, I was thrilled when I heard one was coming to Sacramento and recently had the good fortune of being treated to a tour of the hotel {thank you Sarah!} Would you like to see what all the hoopla's about? Follow me...

The Citizen Hotel's building, formerly the beloved Cal State Life Insurance building--had fallen to serious neglect and disrepair in recent decades. In true Joie De Vivre fashion, the developers of the hotel fully restored the building to its original 1920s era grandeur--and then some--ensuring that its distinctive architectural elements were preserved and honored. The results, as you will see, are stunning. 

The law library themed lobby and registration area is a nod to the building's former tenants--many of whom were local Sacramento law firms. Fun Fact: the law books you see lining the walls were donated by former tenants of the building.

the original outgoing letter box found just off the lobby

The guest rooms are absolutely gorgeous. It's obvious the designers took extra care to blend the charm of the building's historic past with modern conveniences and technologies


Playful political references--a tribute to the hotel's adjacency to the State Capitol--add to the hotel's fun factor

I loved the the bags for the hotel's complimentary blow dryers

and the Citizen's version of  "do not disturb" 

Each room had an amazing view


All of this--coupled with an out of this world restaurant--what's not to love? {Be sure to treat yourself to the complimentary muffins served at their Sunday brunches.}

This is merely a sneak peek of all there is to discover via the Citizen Hotel site and blog {and of course, an actual visit to the hotel}. Have I enticed you all to come experience Sacramento's downtown renaissance for yourself? Please say, yes!

Quick links:
The Citizen Hotel
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I get so excited when I discover new blogs that are inspirational, clean, and has refreshing content!

YAY I'm a new fan!

jae said...

absolutely enticed! i love a place soaked in history.

Anonymous said...

Great fun post! Can't wait to visit Grange.

XXOO Tissy

Unknown said...

yay! the room looks incredible..and that bathroom is heaven.

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