Tuesday, April 14, 2009

{ every once in awhile... }


My creation


...one must indulge in pure, unabashed girliness!

Surrounded photo print: Blissful Images Too
Mornington Necklace: Muntedkowhai
One-of-a-kind headband: Calexandra
Filigree Scented Candles: Skeem Design
Flora Tee: Elizadaxel
Sparkle Philosphy : Florabond

Update: Must be in the air...check out my dear friend, Mrs. French's post


Arlynn said...

What lovely finds!!! I'm coveting those candles & that fabulous top! Perfection.

jae said...

yes, yes...you are so right.

Esther Diehl said...

These are absolutely gorgeous!

Brandie said...

Oh, all of the time! I am completely girly and would stalk around in couture ball gowns if I could. Lovely picks. I have been coveting that ruffled tee for a while now. Perhaps I just need to buy it and move on;)

Anonymous said...

lovely finds! love, love that t-shirt!

blue moss said...

love all the girliness that's going around....

melissa loves said...

For sure, for sure! I love each and every one of these picks......*Sigh* gorgeous!

Julia said...

Incredible, delicious girliness :) I love them all! Especially the rose necklace on the bottom!

Sending you love and sunshine today, dearest!

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

How lovely is that flora tee? girliness... like it!

Unknown said...

so many beautiful things.

Unknown said...

It's so true, I'm not a terribly girly girl, but every great once in a while, some frills and lace are good for the soul. Great picks. -e

Mrs.French said...

I love that our posts were so similar on this particular day and to top it off you featured one of my photos...thank you dearest suzanne...xo t

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