Monday, April 20, 2009

{ monday making me smile...}

the sweet scent of orange blossoms in my garden {& now in my home}
the milkglass compote I scored for $1 this weekend
the birdsong outside my window

What's making you smile on this lovely Monday morning?


Waxy said...

$1??? Nice!

Rachel said...

Love the photo! What a great find!

I'm smiling is sunny, I am going to the library after work, and I'm going to do some sewing when I get home.

melissa loves said...

Oh, orange blossoms! How lovely.....that would make me smile as well. And this great compote for a $1.00? Fantastic! Let's see....What was making me smile? My littlest gal as she raced around the indoor playground!

Kasey said...

seiously what a great find!

one creative girl said...

lovely! such a great find!

ana maggie said...

the weather!! i love sunny mornings!

i tagged you on my blog! :)

Mrs.French said...

sigh...I didn't see this until I am pretty happy that I waited...sigh...xo t

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