Thursday, September 18, 2008

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studio front by knack studios.
studio front

I'm kicking off the return of this S.HOPtalk feature with a visit to Knack Studios--the oh-so-inspiring brainchild of Barb Blair, who personifies {in my humble opinion} the growing movement toward slow design. If I lived anywhere near Greenville, South Carolina--Knackstudios' home base–I would be camped out there every. single. day. 

cake knobs by knack studios.
Barb uses her talent for hunting down and repurposing found objects to create Knack's collection of home products. The result is a line of one-of-a-kinds offerings--featured and sold in her studio space--geared toward a distinctly urban professional lifestyle. Barb describes her eclectic pieces as sleek yet warm, detailed but relaxed. 
These are some of my faves:

Knack - April 056 by knack studios.

sideways shot by knack studios.

full desk shot by knack studios.

And don't you love before & afters? 

before with glass by knack studios.

orange styled 2 by knack studios.



"new" black and gray cabinets filled with goodies from Thomas Paul

Barb certainly has a knack for turning drab into fab, don't you think? 

For those of us who don't have the option of popping by Knack Studios and loading up a trailer full of her amazing recreations, Barb has created a Try it Yourself paint and prep tutorial, of which, I plan to take full advantage. Oh....and if you do live in the Greenville area, I'd love to hear an eye witness report back.

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Melissa de la Fuente said...

Wow,wow,wow.....I adore that turquoise sideboard, that yellow mirror, that pink bench and that gray cabinet....she does have a flair, no doubt.

nichole said...

That turquoise sideboard is to die for. Love it!

Cindy said...

i love the concept of the slow design movement! the turquoise sideboard and the gray hutch are fantastic.

knack said...

Thanks so much Suzanne for all the wonderful words:) It is so encouraging, and a nice shot in the arm to keep me going!! :)

Teresa Roche said...

Hi Suzanne! I'm one of the lucky ones - I am an interior designer and also have a gallery in the same building with Barb. I get to see Barb and her work almost every day. Her pieces are just as beautiful in person and she is true inpiration to me (both as an artist and as a person) -- her black and grey pieces inspired my last series of paintings -- great article!

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Thanks ladies for all of your thoughtful comments and for visiting.

Teresa...I'm green with envy that you're so close to Knack. :) It looks like you all have a great little community there--so important when you're in business for yourself. I look forward to following your paintings now that I've "discovered" you. Thanks for stopping by.

blue moss said...

Hi--I live in greenville, too.....and I have to tell you that Barb is absolutely fabulous!! She has an amazing eye and finds the best things---furniture to redo and funky things to mix together. She is crazy good with color. When I look around my house--the things I love the most have been done by Barb! ....and she is just a great gal, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I live in Atlanta, but have several of Barb's pieces (a couple of really cute end tables and an oh so amazing armoire in a brilliant, funky chartreuse). If you're anywhere in a 200-mile radius, it's worth the trip to Greenville to see her work up close and personal!

please sir said...

Wow - these are AMAZING! What a great shop and styling - great find!

Joslyn said...

amazing what paint can do. i love what she's done with those pieces. amazing.

Jaimee McClellan said...

Gorgeous work...makes me want to repaint EVERYTHING! I all looks so amazing afterwards!

Mrs.French said...

I have been admiring this perfect shop from afar for way too long...I need to get up and personal quick.

Anonymous said...

i have known bsrb for years and she is truly an inspiration to me through her wonderful repurposed pieces and through her diligence and hard work! i am going to get to see her new studio this weekend! i can't wait!

Unknown said...

so instead of working like I should be, I've been looking at everyone's before and knack!!! I had never read her blog your new bench too!

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