Friday, September 26, 2008

{ weekend getaway guide }

image via flickr fave *Cinnamon

What are your plans for this lovely first weekend in Autumn?
For us, Fall brings about busy weekends. Saturday soccer games, family gatherings, and classmate birthday parties typically have us dashing from one event to the next. This weekend, however, we have a whole day to ourselves. With picture perfect Fall weather forecasted, I plan to savor every second of it...lingering a little longer at our neighborhood cafe, strolling the farmer's market, and venturing to a favorite used book store with my daughter.

Perhaps, you, too, have some time to dabble in a bit of site seeing:
01 :: I am so excited to join in on this project.
02 :: The waiting is over...Mrs. French's shop is open and utterly delightful.
03 :: This one stuck with me all week. 
         You've discovered the awe inspiring Karey, right?
04 :: Absolutely adorable: Merit badges for adults. { thank you Ez }
05 :: Downloadable designs--brilliant! 
         A couple of my faves: this, this & this.

I'd love to hear about your plans {even if you have none...sometimes those are the best kinds of weekends}.


karey m. said...

well. this made my wine-addled brain and heart...

your site is just a lovely spot for me to hang...i admire your style heaps.

and to be in the company of mrs. french, too? wheeeeee!

xoxo. you know how i feel about you, so i don't even have to elaborate. kmm

Cindy said...

your weekend sounds fun and your link love is great! it's going to be rainy here so not sure what's in store for us, but that's a good thing. happy weekend!

Mrs.French said...

thanks for making me feel so special...I hope you enjoy your lovely fall weekend (I have been thinking about Karey's post all week too, actually she has that effect on my quite often).

ThePeachTree said...

Great post! I love the 34 things before 25 :) And I've been oogling French's shop on Grace's and Modish's blog as well! LOVE the shop! Her prints are simply flying off of the shelf!!

genuinelygreen said...

Thanks for the link love! I adore your blog and hope you have a fantastic weekend - rain or shine.

Robin said...

I've been itching to do some cooking so its homemade pasta e fagioli with the parents for lunch tomorrow and pork loin with a pinot noir for dinner with the BF and some neighbors. Can't wait to let loose my Inner Martha. Then hopefully to see The Duchess on Sunday. Or stay home and watch The Savages on DVD. Or possibly both.

Solange said...

Love your blog! hope you don't mind that I added you on my bloglist... love, the pics, the style, everything!
I will visit soon again,

have a great day,

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Karey's post is heartbreakingly beautiful....I have been missing out by not visiting her more often...thank you my friend for these beautiful links and hope you had a wonderful weekend(it sounded delightful!)

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