Thursday, September 11, 2008

{ it's back... }

{i}spy is back...
featuring my favorite finds & inspirations for the young 
{and young at heart}...

{i}spy: something deliciously cute 

Preschooler Bento #57: August 7, 2008
image via Wendy Copley

{i}spy: a magical day filled with tiny treasures

{i}spy: the best use of paper fans–ever!

{i}spy: fun party favors

{i}spy: a little lady in red 

{i}spy: picture perfect styling

{i}spy: a time-out spot for moi

A tree house getaway


Art Kitten said...

oh oh oh! What super cute wonderful finds!!! You daughter started first grade this year, right? So did Maya. How does she like it?

I love love love little Bento boxes, I have one for Maya and I pack a little lunch for her in it sometimes.

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Art kitten:

My little one just started 2nd grade and seems to love it. How is 1st grade going? I remember the full day being a big adjustment for my daughter {surprisingly}.

I'm dying to try some little Bento boxes...anything to inspire her to eat more. :)

Cindy said...

the photo with the cameras is wonderful as it the last one.

Art Kitten said...

As far as I can tell Maya is enjoying it, but I can't get her to say too much on the matter. She had a full day kindergarten as well, so the only real adjustment for her is getting used to a new teacher and not having "play time" everyday.

Mrs.French said...

I love this feature!!! Actually, love is not a strong enough word...especially for that red dress and Joslyn' party...have I mentioned that I love this? Well I do!

Anonymous said...

oooo, so fun! thanks for sharing!

Julia said...

This is such an array of beauteous beauties! Looking at all these playful bits and bobs makes me so happy! Thank you for the sunshine!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Wow...I am so happy "I spy" is back! Those fans on that wall, that red dress and that chill out spot....can I come chill out with you? Lovely....

mcdonaldmargaret said...

oh suz, love those crewcuts..

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