Friday, January 25, 2008

{ paris bound & you're invited }

Pack your bages

I've had Paris on my mind ever since reading about a new Parisian inspired design and craft book, The Left Bank Look, in a recent post on Holly's fabulous design blog, decor8. The captivating photos have had me reminiscing about my magical, whirlwind tour of Paris eight years ago with my hubby. I remember sitting at an outdoor cafe for hours, watching Parisians stroll by and daydreaming about their seemingly charmed lives–and then, kiddingly (or not) proposing to my husband, "Perhaps we can both quit our jobs and move to Paris for a couple of years!!??" The stylish and simple lifestyle of that enchanting city spoke to me and left a lasting impression that's been with me ever since.

Paris Fave 3
images courtesy of flickr– to see the full size of this image and 
the photographer's portfolio, click on the link below

Alas, there are no immediate plans for another Parisian rendezvous any time soon.  But not to worry...I've discovered a Parisian inspired world that's right at our fingertips and I'd love for you to join me as I explore (virtually) this dreamy city and the people, designs, and creations it has inspired. Just have your bags packed and ready to go Monday. I will be finalizing the details of our exciting itinerary over the next couple of days. Until then, here is a sneak peek of the tres jolie Paris as seen through some of my favorite flickr finds...

Paris Faves 2
images courtesy of flickr. Click on the links below to see each of these fabulous 
photos at full size and to access each photographer's portfolio and bio.

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Paris Faves
images courtesy of flickr. Click on each of the links below to view each fabulous photo 
at full size and to access each photographer's portfolio and bio.

{ C'est bon, non? }

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