Tuesday, September 1, 2009

{these are the days }

Good morning all. It's so good to be back here with you after our incredible week away in Washington D.C. 




I love, love, love these gorgeous photos by new {to me} photographer, Alice Gao. I'm especially drawn to these images now because they seem to savor the final fleeting moments of carefree summer days--something which I, too, am trying to do.  Next week, it's back-to-school for my little one...always bittersweet for me. Sleeping in, family movie nights on a (gasp!) weeknight, and our girly-girl road trips will give way to the morning rush, homework, and soccer games. All good, just not so carefree *sigh*.

I look forward to catching up on your lovely blogs this week--thanks for your patience as I acclimate back to reality and try to make headway on my massive post vacation to-do list. 

You can purchase photography prints from Alice Gao via her lovely etsy shop.
Don't miss her gorgeous flickr stream.


Kasey said...

welcome back!

Simply Mel said...

Nice to have you back Suzanne!

I'm with you...trying to savor all of summer's last days of goodness!

Lovely photos!

{lovely little things} said...

love these photos, welcome back!!

Julia said...

Oh how I know the feeling--not because of my own little one *sighs, someday* but because that's how I feel right now, that carefree-ness is gone, except for the weekends!

We'll be anxious to hear about the acclimation!

Mrs.French said...

they really are stunning...thanks for the info my dear...xo t

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